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XIBMS – Implementing an Integrated Human Resources System

XIBMS – Implementing an Integrated Human Resources System


XIBMS – Implementing an Integrated Human Resources System

Recognizing that the manager/employee relationship is key in creating a great place to work, the group XYZ has devoted a great deal of time and energy to redefining managers\’ roles in the organization in an effort to improve that relationship. It has stressed the importance of an integrated Human Resources System, where the key human resources functions of selection, appraisal, reward, development, organizational development, communication, and employee relations must be closely inter-related and mutually supportive and where the manager must play a key role. This has been a driving force in the implementation of several key initiatives.

In addition, XYZ conducted a workplace culture assessment and integrated the results from that survey into those same initiatives. The survey used was the Competing Values Model survey. The results of that survey yielded four imperatives: they are – increase the level of accountability to get things done; continue to enhance collaboration throughout the organization; decrease the amount of bureaucracy; and increase the amount of innovation and risk-taking.

Several initiatives were launched to accomplish the above objectives. The first was re-designing the performance management process. XYZ transitioned from a once-a-year performance review document to a year-round, two-way communication process that emphasizes performance improvement and individual development. To begin the process, managers met with their employees to collaboratively set performance expectations, the aim being to be as specific and measurable as possible. Managers now meet at least twice each year to discuss performance. Ratings were removed from the performance review document to facilitate discussions that were more qualitative in nature and that focused on feedback and coaching. In addition, considerable time is devoted to creating and discussing individual development plans that emphasize professional and personal growth. These changes in the performance management process allow for more interaction between an employee and his/her manager to discuss issues that are most important to the employee. Communication and trust are enhanced as a result.

Because organization improvement is based on the quality of the managers and their relationships with their employees, the second initiative was created: to develop a robust management development curriculum. This curriculum was closely linked to the culture survey so that the culture imperatives are reinforced throughout the year. New managers to the organization attend monthly development sessions that range from half days to full days in order to become acculturated to XYZ’s way of managing. Experienced managers are able to choose from a menu of learning opportunities that best fit their development needs and their learning styles.

Finally, efforts to lessen the amount of control and bureaucracy have begun which ultimately transitions more decision-making ability to the managers and further reinforces their ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of their own employees. Human Resources recognized that to give managers the level of control necessary to affect the changes desired, a close examination of the policies and procedures needed to take place with the goal of eliminating unnecessary controls or increasing manager discretion/input wherever possible. For example, managers are now collaborating with Human Resources to a much greater extent to decide pay issues as opposed to relying on decisions based, in large part, on system-wide HR policies/guidelines.

Workforce Problem the Program/Initiative Was Designed to Address

  • How to best engage the workforce to achieve the mission and vision
  • How to recruit and retain the best employees
  • How to create a great place to work

Major Objectives

  • Implement an Integrated HR System approach
  • Redefine the managers\’ role in the organization to devote increased time and energy to managing their Human Resources
  • Develop managers so that they can fulfill their critical role in creating a great place to work
  • Transition to a true Performance Management process to engage the workforce so that it can achieve its strategic vision

Significant Results

  • Executives and managers are clear about the organizational culture and in agreement with where it is headed.
  • An entirely new performance management process was created, and all managers were trained in the process.
  • Employee opinion survey results have improved, and in some areas the organization is approaching world-class benchmarks.

Limitations or Problems Encountered

  • The program takes time. It is difficult in complex organizations with multiple sub-entities, and it takes a lot of time to see results.
  • The health system has limited resources and had to do much of the work itself.
  • It is difficult for some to understand that this is a long-term effort, and when people already have projects on their plate, it is important to work to prevent them from burning out.


Issues to be discussed

  1. Facts of the case
  2. Discuss the various initiatives as enumerated in the case based on your analysis.
  3. Establish whether the integrated Human Resource system for the Health care is effective or not. Justify your view.

XIBMS – Implementing an Integrated Human Resources System

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