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IIBMS – Front Office Management Answer Sheet

Front Office Management

  1. What other ways could have been used by the business owner to give this employee an extra chance?
  2. Is the nose ring truly a problem? If so, why?
  3. Could you legally deny employment to a person with a nose ring?
  4. Before the development of more effective ICT-based tools, why was it difficult for hotels to schedule labor effectively?
  5. In a Housekeeping department, what elements have to be considered when looking at hourly productivity?
  6. With what other hotel ICT could labor scheduling systems, such as Eproductive Scheduling, be integrated? Review some Internet hospitality web-sites such as and to help you formulate your answer, giving examples of some specific ICT products.
  7. Identify and describe four short-term operational strategies Ken should implement immediately at the Rainbow Golf Resort.
  8. What human resources and training initiatives should Ken implement at the Rainbow Golf Resort?
  9. Which form of top-down communication would be most suitable for the Rainbow Golf Resort to achieve its objectives?
  10. Examine the guest count projections and compare it to the normal Friday lunch employee and management schedule.
      1. Do you have enough labor scheduled to properly serve the number of guests?
      2. How would you alter the schedule to ensure that you can offer proper service? (Be specific as to how many employees you would add per position and explain your reasoning.)
      3. Is there anything else that you should do with respect to the employees to make sure that the reservation is successful for the operation?
  1. Examine the likely food preferences of different customer groups that the operation would serve for lunch.
      1. What types of foods offered by Buffet, Inc., would the typical lunch guest prefer? (Be specific.)
      2. What type of foods offered by Buffet, Inc., would the reservation guest prefer? (Be specific.)
      3. Are there any changes you would make to the food being offered and, if so, what and how would you do it? (Be specific.)
  1. The reservation guests are going to pay individually as they come in. is this good or would it be better for them to prepay? Explain your answer taking into account the impact the payment could have on guest flow and FOH and BOH operation.
  2. What occupancy level would you assume for a 100- to 150-room hotel, and during what seasons, based on general occupancy information for New York and general occupancy levels nationally?
  3. Propose some additional (logical) actions the town could possibly take to increase the visitor demand for this property?
  4. Given the inexact information in the case, what would be a reasonable assumption to make regarding room nights from the Fort’s expanded (yearround) operations and from International Paper’s business?

IIBMS – Front Office Management

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