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Case I



  1. Outline the reasons as to why hospital administration can only be taught by doctors. Present a counter analysis to oppose this point of view.
  2. On what fronts do various institutions compromise while designing hospital administration courses? What are the steps you may take to ensure a wholesome teaching for the hospital administration course?
  3. What do you mean by Hospital? Focus on the significance of the role played by a Hospital Administrator in a Hospital.




  1. Discuss in detail the difference in Private Hospital and Government Hospital from the aspects of
  2. Functioning
  3. MIS Maintenance
  4. Purview of Consumer Act
  5. Speed of Service
  6. Accountability towards the patient.


  1. What are the types of hospitals? Critically examine the present National Health Policy and its impact on the private healthcare industry in India.




  1. What are the issues that influence a Doctor’s decision in accepting/rejecting any MLC and treating the patient?
  2. “The psychological variables considerably influence the behavioral profile.” Discuss this statement in the context of above article.
  3. Departmental relationships influence patient care. Outline the departmental relationship issues and discuss related dimensions such as conflict, insensitiveness, support of management, fear etc.
  4. Discuss the process of selection and post selection processes to be followed by a hospital manager in selecting quality people.


Essential for Success – Training in Hospitals


  1. Training and development is a marriage between medical training and service training. Comment on this statement and critically analyze it.
  2. Identify the challenges faced in running a hospital while maintaining the motivation level and competitiveness of the staff.
  3. What are the different training methods employed by different hospitals. How does performance audit contribute to assessment of a training programme?


Compulsory Questions:

  1. What do you mean by Hospital Financing? What do you mean by break – even analysis?
  2. Explain the meaning of Project Planning.
  3. Discuss the different considerations to be given due weightage while preparing feasibility report of a project.


Hospital Administration & Planning

  1. Explain the importance of office management in a hospital.
  2. What are the procedures used for registration of patients in a community hospital?
  3. Explain organization charts and its significance in a hospital.
  4. State the importance of medical records to various users.
  5. Explain control of furniture’s as applicable to hospitals.
  6. What is the need for human relations in healthcare administration?
  7. Explain the employee welfare measures useful in hospital management.
  8. What is the need for a hospital manager? Describe essential qualities that a good Hospital manager must exhibit.
  9. Discuss material purchase in hospitals and associated correspondences in detail.
  10. Explain the significance of filing of records and its essentials. What are the equipments that may be employed for filing purposes?
  11. Compare Breakdowns and Preventive Maintenance of hospital equipments.
  12. Discuss various office management principles as applied in a hospital.
  13. Explain different types of medical forms and its management for patient care.




Case I

Airline Commission Caps

Discussion Questions

  1. If you owned a travel agency, what would your reaction to the reduced commission cap be?
  2. What options would you consider?


Case II

Developing the San Diego Waterfront

  1. Why is it considered so desirable to develop public and private amenity features on the waterfront and preserve public access to the waterfront and water views in urban area? From the residents’ standpoint? From the standpoint of developing successful tourism?
  2. What approach can San Diego take in properly developing its downtown waterfront area both to achieve economic development objectives and to preserve access to and along the waterfront and views of the adjacent bay?
  3. If the choice of development of a particular waterfront site lies between developing the site for a high-rise hotel, for which there is proven market demand, or a waterfront public park for use by both residents and tourists, which do you think is the best use of the site? What approaches could be applied to achieve both objectives?


Case III

To Flag or Not to Flag—and If So, Which Flag?

  1. What would you do in the Brown’s situation? Should they sign a franchise agreement or not? Make assumptions, if needed.
  2. What terms and conditions of a franchise agreement would be acceptable to you, or to the Browns?
  3. What additional information would you, or the Browns, need to know?


Case IV

Checking Out a Guest

  1. Is it appropriate to have the manager finish the check-out? Or, should the front desk agent just take the heat?
  2. Would you have handled the situation in the same manner?
  3. What would you have done differently?

Case V

Overbooked: The Housekeeping Perspective

  1. What should Stephen do to maintain standards and ensure that all the guest rooms are serviced?


Case VI

Overbooked: The Front Office Perspective

If you were in the same situation, what would you do?



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