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IIBM – Statistical Quality Control Answer sheet

IIBM – Statistical Quality Control Answer sheet


Multiple choices:

  1. If in a hall there are 18 persons then how many handshakes are possible?
  2. 18*18
  3. 18*17/2
  4. 18*17
  5. None of the above
  1. If the number of trials is ‘n’ and the probability of occurrence is ‘p’ then the standard deviation concerning np, is given by:
  2. (np)1/2
  3. (np(1-p))1/2
  4. (np)1/4
  5. (np(1-p))1/4
  1. For a biased coin the probability of occurrence of a head is 0.4,if the coin is tossed twice then the probability of occurrence of at least one head will be:
  2. 0.76
  3. 0.48
  4. 0.64
  5. 0.16
  1. A factorial of 5 equals:
  2. 60
  3. 120
  4. 24
  5. 5
  1. Combinatory of (4,2) equals:
  2. 12
  3. 8
  4. 6
  5. None of the above
  1. ‘Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product’, a book by Walter A Shewhart in:
  2. 1931
  3. 1941
  4. 1930
  5. 1956
  1. Quality is judged by…………
  2. Retailer
  3. Government
  4. Customer
  5. Hole seller
  1. A run chart is a special chart of…………
  2. Pie chart
  3. Line chart
  4. R chart
  5. C chart
  1. Universes may differ :
  2. In average
  3. In above average
  4. At higher level
  5. All of the above
  1. ASQC and ANSI began in the year:
  2. 1956
  3. 1976
  4. 1978
  5. 1960

Part Two:

  1. Differentiate between ‘Defect’ and ‘Defective’.
  2. Explain the need for a ‘short method’.
  3. What does ‘Tchebycheff’s inequality theorem’ say?
  4. Explain the usability of ‘stochastic limit’.
  5. Write a note on the Cause and Effect diagram.
  1. What marketing strategy should RSL adopt to remain competitive in the international market?
  2. Has the company taken the right decision to forward integrate and enter into the highly volatile garment market?
  3. How could have the SQC approach, been useful in solving the immediate problems of Japan?
  4. If you were among one of the management members, what would have been your first insight?
  5. A sample of 30 is to be selected from a lot of 200 articles. How many different samples are possible?
  6. In Dodge’s CSP-1, it is desired to apply sampling inspection to 1 piece out of every 15 and to maintain an AOQL of 2%. What should be the value of i?

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