Consumer Behavior-Explain the “role and status” for Macnine shoes. Q2. Suggest some ways of changing consumer perception of Macnine shoes.Q3. What is a ‘common man

Explain the “role and status”

Consumer Behavior


Multiple Choices:

Q1. The Yellow color is related with personality links like

a) Caution, warmth

b) Power, informality

c) Passion, excitement

d) Purity, innocence

Q2. Consumers having high ethnocentric value in CETSCALE for foreign made products are likely to feel that

a) It is worthy to purchase the foreign products.

b) It is wrong to purchase foreign made products.

c) Only foreign made products should be purchased.

d) They should remain neutral.

Q3. If the OSL(optimum stimulation level) score of a person is greater than the lifestyle he/she is living then he/she likely to

a) Take rest

b) Appear quite satisfied

c) Seem bored

d) Can not be predicted.

Q4. The psychologists who disagree with the Freud’s theory of personality are usually referred as

a) Non Freudians

b) Freudians

c) Neo Freudians

d) C-Freudians

Q5.According to Sigmund Freud, the human personality consists of 3 interacting systems viz the id,the superego and the ego. What actually ‘id’ refers to

a) Its role is to see the individual’s needs in a socially acceptable fashion.

b) Its role is to drive impulsions for the needs to be satisfied immediately.

c) Its function is to control and balance the impulsive demands.

d) None

Part Two:

Q1. What is a ‘common man approach’?

Q2. Differentiate between ‘Enculturation’ and ‘Acculturation’.

Q3. Write a short note on ‘Rokeach Value Survey’, a widely used value instrument, in consumer

behavior studies.

Q4. Explain the ‘Sociometric method’ of measurement in ‘Opinion Leadership’.

Q5. What do you understand by the term ‘Viral marketing’?

Caselet 1

Q1. Explain the “role and status” for Macnine shoes.

Q2. Suggest some ways of changing consumer perception of Macnine shoes.


Q1. A college student has just purchased a new personal computer. What factors might cause the

Q2. An Advertising on a known deodorant shows a young beautiful girl is upset to meet her student to experience post purchase dissonance? How might the student try to overcome it? How can the retailer who sold the computer help reduce the student’s dissonance? How can the computer’s manufacturer help?

Q3. Boyfriend, as friends point out at her “Bad body odour”. The advertisement is trying to arouse which motive in the consumer? Discuss by giving one similar examples?



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