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NMIMS – Research Methodology

1. One of the newly opened Gym in your area trying to understand what type of exercise is preferred by people these Days, how often they do their exercise and do they really enjoy it or they do just for the sake of doing. Which research design is most suitable for this situation? Write research proposal for this situation. (10 Marks)

2. You are a HR manager in one of the major IT company. Design an experimental study to look into the factors that affect employee churn in the IT firm, with an emphasis on HR initiatives to lower attrition. Develop a design of experiment of this study keeping independent, dependent and extraneous variables into consideration. How you will apply control in this experimental research. Explain the variables and steps. (10 Marks)

3.During pandemic Zepto has emerged as a major Quick commerce market in Mumbai; however; after the entry of Swiggy’s Instamart and Zomato’s Blinkit the market has become highly competitive. The market has been changing with respect to consumer preferences, market trends and consumer choices for apps.

a. Classify and distinguish the specific purposes for which Zepto may be able to use research effectively. Write down the problem statement and operational definition of this research.

b. Develop a questionnaire to study consumer preference for most preferred q-commerce app.