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NMIMS – Employee Development & Talent Management

1. Twice a year, Zenith Corp. buzzed with excitement. “Switch Up” day meant swapping jobs! Tushar, the careful number cruncher, got opportunity to development advertising content for the company. Sheel, the sales whiz, got to try her hands at data analysis. At first, they were scared. But Tushar’s words clicked, and Sheel uncovered sales secrets. Soon, “Switch Back” came. Tushar, got a new perspective towards accounting. Sheel with the analysed data in her mind, closed deals like magic! Zenith, once stuck in its ways, benefitted from these new perspectives of new roles. They learned the best way to grow was to leap out of their comfort zones. Many organizations use multiple ways of employee development and empowerment. In light of the above case, please discuss Job enlargement, Job rotation and transfers as a way of employee development. What are the potential drawbacks of job rotation and transfers? (10 Marks)

2. Tech Titans, a booming software firm. Lately the firm has started to lose it’s market value in the stock market. Mr. Bala, the founder, aging, nearing retirement was not able to announce a successor yet. In fact, there was complete silence about who will be taking over once Bala retires. As per his last interview with a business magazine, he was planning to shift to his native for a peaceful life. This was putting his employees in a dilemma about the future of the company, his second line was feeling low on morale due to lack of clarity. In light of this case, please elaborate on improper succession planning and communication gap as hurdles in employee development in an organization. (10 Marks)

3. Sakshi Mitisha is the owner of a mid-size boutique in a big city. With many high profile and celebrity clients she does not get a lot of time to get into administrative improvement of the boutique. But when her master tailor announced to quit on her suddenly one day, she was left baffled in the middle of upcoming wedding season. Rafique her oldest tailor told her that he has been feeling dissatisfied with his growth in the company. Mitisha realised that this may be the result of the latest incentive she offered to her counter sales staff and them treating the boutique staff from the money. Mitisha realises that she has been too haphazard about any bonuses or increments in the staff salaries and wants to work out a consistent process for incentives and increments. Please answer the following questions based on this information.. (10 Marks)

a. What conditions must Mitisha keep in mind for designing a performance management process? (5 Marks)

b. Highlight the significance of a performance management system in any organization. (5 Marks)