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NMIMS – Business Communication

Business Communication

 Q1. While Bill Gates mentioned ‘Content is king’ in1996 in one of his essays, the new age presenters believe and have realized that while content is the king audience is the kingdom and hence the content king would need to behave as per the need of the kingdom. Any business communication course will include an important section covering Audience analysis topics. Considering this thought, please share some actions that would lead to analyzing the audience for business presentations. (10 Marks)

Q2. Shubha is a manager in a large retail super store chain. She is heading the administration department and is responsible for a large cluster of geography which covers 6 stores of the organization. Writing and analyzing reports is a big chunk of her work, she is also involved in writing and analyzing proposals as a part of her job. In light of this case, please compare the elements of Body and Close for a proposal and report clearly. (10 Marks)

Q3. Prof. Bala is a guide for international students for submitting their final thesis of PG degrees. He reads a lot of academic reports during the day and knows by now that the documents need to be edited to make them more concise and need to add more clarity of concepts. Considering these points, answer the two questions given below.

a. Share a few tips for editing the documents to add more clarity of thoughts. (5 Marks)

b. Share a few tricks for editing for making documents concise. (5 Marks)