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Business Communication

1. Ritu wants to prepare a presentation for the first time for her HNI customers about the new scheme launched by her financial company. In light of this situation, discuss the three-step process for planning a presentation in detail. How should Ritu go about using the three steps for her? (10 Marks)

2. Networking is the most important skill for anyone. Especially so at the start of one’s career. Discuss some points towards using specific potentials towards solutions focusing on taking initiatives towards finding the right opportunities from the crowded market and building one’s network for reaching the opportunities.(10 Marks)

3. Rakesh is planning a short workshop about using social media for home business owner women. He thinks they can use social media to their benefit a lot and need to share ideas with them. He is planning to focus on creating effective content for social media. Please answer the questions based on the given situation.

a) What tips should Rakesh share with those entrepreneurs for using social media for business communication? (5 Marks)
b) How should Rakesh elaborate on the role of microblogging in business communication? (5 Marks)

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