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ISBM – Honed communication skills enable a business owner as well as employees to convey messages effectively.

Business Communication


CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

Honed communication skills enable business owners as well as employees to convey messages effectively. Whether it is a memo, a meeting, or a telephone call, effective communication is required for a business to operate smoothly. The guidelines for effective communication are simple: present a clear message and say it as quickly and concisely as possible. The message recipient should not have to puzzle to discern the intended meaning of the message. Business communication is the relaying of information between two or more people or groups. Communication can take several forms: verbal, electronic, written, and nonverbal. For communication to be effective, the sender must convey a clear message regardless of the vehicle used. On the flip side, the receiver must acknowledge that he heard and understood the sender\’s message. Without communication, conducting business would become a challenge for all involved. Employees would be clueless as to what is expected of them, businesses could not reach customers, and customers would not know from whom to buy. Employers would have no way to convey practices, procedures, and rules to their employees. Business as we know it could not exist in such an environment. There are several types of communication, and all are necessary for a business to function properly. Verbal communication is the relaying of information via face-to-face or telephone discussion between two or more people. Written communication includes letters, memos, e-mails, and manuals. Electronic communication includes e-mail, instant messaging, and other types of online communication. Nonverbal communication is the conveyance of a message without speaking and includes gestures such as nodding, shaking your head, and other types of body language. It is important to ensure that whichever mode of communication is used, the message is clear, conveys the proper level of importance, and is delivered with an even and respectful tone. Effective business communication gets to the point, avoids jargon, and is presented with the intended recipient in mind. For example, do not use three sentences to say what could be said in one. The message, if written, should sound as if the sender is speaking directly to the reader and should not be used as a vehicle to show off your vocabulary. For all communication methods, the use of examples is an effective way to convey a point. Nonverbal communication should match the message delivered with verbal or written communication. A non-verbal cue can cause the message to be unclear or can even contradict the message. For example, if a manager tells his employees he has an open door policy but while doing so folds his arms and frowns, what the manager is conveying, perhaps subconsciously, is that he does not want to be bothered with his employees\’ problems.

Answer the following question.


Q1. What is a “non-verbal cue’ Explain.


Q2. What is the significance of communication in business? Discuss.


Q3. What are honed communication skills? Debate.


Q4. What is business communication? Define.


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