World Class Operations

1. You are the Maintenance Manager of a Pump manufacturer and have launched their TPM Program. Explain the concept of 5S and why it is the foundation of TPM. What are some of the benefits you expect from this TPM initiative?  (10 Marks) 2. Global Manufacturing firms in diverse sectors such as Automotive (Toyota, Daimler), […]

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Services Marketing

1. You have a retail store. There are various kinds of products that you have. It includes- consumer durables, groceries, and clothes. You have been operating in an offline mode. With increasing customers moving online, you intend to catch up to that trend. How will you build your online brand? (10 Marks) 2. You intend

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Project Management

1) Describe the typical responsibilities of a project manager. Describe the similarities and dissimilarities in the roles and responsibilities of top management and functional managers in a project. Use examples to support your answer.(10 marks) 2) List any three potential problems in creating accurate duration estimates for activities during scheduling projects. Describe different methods for

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Organizational Theory, Structure and Design

1. Organizations are created for achieving complex goals and bringing different skills sets. Evaluate the different features of an organization, which are commonly found irrespective of the size of business. Add appropriate examples. (10 Marks) 2. The McKinsey’s 7-S Framework helps managers identify potential changes for improving organizational performance. Analyze the importance of the various

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Marketing Research

1. You are the marketing director of Alpha motors your organization wants to launch a range of EV’s. Your company wants to conduct market research to establish customer needs and expectations prepare a research plan. Mention TG, Priority markets, research hypotheses in the plan along with success benchmarks for your research. (10 Marks) 2. “Understanding

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Lean Six Sigma

1. As a consultant for business process outsourcing (BPO) company develop a comprehensive framework utilizing the DMAIC methodology for process improvement by identifying any process (at least 1) that needs improvement. Additionally, envisage yourself as the project leader of a Six Sigma initiative and draft a set of guidelines for your team to adhere to,

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IT Security and Risk Management

1. Differentiate between vulnerabilities, threats, and countermeasures in information security. How do organizations identify and address vulnerabilities? Illustrate how a firewall plays an important role in protecting networks from unauthorized access. (10 Marks) 2. Explain the importance of security awareness training for employees within an organization. How can a strong security awareness culture contribute to

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