XIBMS – WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT XIBMS – WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Please attempt any 8 questions out of the questions mentioned below. What do you mean by supply chain in retail scenario? Give its importance and briefly explain the seven steps in effective collaboration? Write a brief note on collaborative planning  Explain the usage of demand forecast response   What do you mean by Bull whip effect? Give the evolution & importance of precision retailing.5. Next generation of POS & store system reduce that total cost of ownership (TCO)- Explain6. Give a short note on any two a) Advantage of RFID b) Killing of the RFID tag c) Privacy issues related with emerging Technologies    \”Physical Distribution Decisions have to be responsive to the market conditions and hence are never static.\” Explain this statement with factors influencing decisions from company\’s perspective and also customer\’s point of view.8. What do you mean by Marketing Channels and what are the types of Channels? Also write factors determining length of channels with suitable examples.9. \”Importance of \’Non-store Retailing\’ is increasing in our country.\” Explain this statement with its advantages and disadvantages with suitable examples. 10. Define Distribution Logistics and write its elements that give logistic importance among other functional areas of Distribution Management. 11. \”A Good Supply Chain Management is important for providing Customer Value.\” Discuss this statement with Value Chain Process. 12. Write short notes: (Any Two) (a) Transportation and Material Handling (b) Importance of Inventory Management (c) Third Party Logistic (d) Benchmarking the Supply Chain (e) Wholesaling   The manager at a large manufacturing company is planning warehousing needs for the coming year. The manager predicts that warehousing needs will be normally distributed with a mean of 500,000 square feet and a standard deviation of 150,000 sft. He can obtain a full year lease at Rs 5 per sft per month or purchase storage space on the spot market. The spot market rates are Rs.7 per sft on the average per month. How large an annual contract should the manager sign? What is the importance of cold storage warehousing in Retail sector? Please also list the importance of regional warehouses for a retailer. 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