ICMIND – Corporate Law

ICMIND – Corporate Law ICMIND – Corporate Law How is the price fixed in a contract of sale? If price is not determined by the parties, what price, if any, is the buyer liable to pay? On what principles and to what extent can a wife pledge her husband’s credit (i) while she lives with him and (ii) while she lives apart from him. When a pledge fails to redeem his pledge, what rights does the pledge have in the pledge? When the cheque shall be considered as dishonored and what are the consequences of the dishonor of the cheques? “Every shareholder of a company is also known as a member; while every member may not be known as a shareholder.” Comment. Discuss briefly the provisions of the Companies Act in regard to the appointment of and removal directors. “A contract caused by mistake is void.” Discuss fully the statement. Discuss the legal aspects of ‘liability of an agent for acts of sub-agent.’ What companies may dispense with the use of the word ‘Limited’ as part of their name, even though they are limited companies? “A company cannot be party to a contract before it has come into existence.” – Discuss. Who is eligible to become a member of a society? How is membership acquired? Under what circumstances can the order of attachment of property be passed by the Co-operative Court? What are the powers of sale where an attachment of property has been ordered? Can a minor be admitted to partnership? If so, what will be the rights and liabilities during his minority and after he has attained majority? 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