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NMIMS – Services Marketing

1. You have a retail store. There are various kinds of products that you have. It includes- consumer durables, groceries, and clothes. You have been operating in an offline mode. With increasing customers moving online, you intend to catch up to that trend. How will you build your online brand? (10 Marks)

2. You intend to start a sandwich store. What are the possible challenges that you can possibly face, while you are creating an offering – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical evidence, process, and people. (10 Marks)

3. ABCD is a coaching academy for IIT students. However, with more coaching institutions growing and online options coming, prospective students are not opting for your services. You are receiving negative reviews about your company recently and customer services is poor.

a. How will you build a positive image about your brand? (5 marks)

b. How will you improve your customer service? (5 marks)