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NMIMS – Sales Management

1. Excellent Corporation, a multinational company operating in the consumer goods sector, is restructuring its sales territories. The company’s products range from personal care items to household cleaning supplies, catering to diverse demographics & geographic regions. As the sales manager, you’re tasked with optimizing the sales territory assignments to maximize sales performance & customer coverage. Outline the key factors you would consider when redesigning the sales territories for ABC Corporation (10 Marks)

2. Prepare a Sales Plan for a brand of consumer durable focusing in rural market (10 Marks)

3. Read the case & answer the questions based on the case:

Case Background: You are a sales representative for a leading chemical manufacturing company specializing in high-quality housekeeping and cleaning solutions. Your company has recently introduced a new line of environmentally friendly and highly effective cleaning chemicals suitable for the hotel industry. Your target client is a luxury hotel chain with multiple properties worldwide.

Client Information:

Hotel Chain: Prestige Hospitality Group, a well-established luxury hotel chain with a focus on sustainability.

Decision-Maker: Ms. Rodriguez, the Director of Housekeeping for Prestige Hospitality Group.

Current Suppliers: The hotel chain is currently working with a different supplier for its housekeeping chemicals.


• The hotel chain is already committed to a contract with a different supplier.

• Demonstrating the superiority and sustainability of your chemical products.

• Negotiating a deal that is competitive and aligned with the hotel’s budget.


• Convince Prestige Hospitality Group to consider switching to your company’s housekeeping chemicals.

• Highlight the environmental benefits & effectiveness of your products.

• Negotiate a mutually beneficial contract that meets the hotel’s needs and aligns with your company’s goals.


a. Explain various Sales related marketing strategies (5 Marks)

b. What Negotiation tactics will you adopt to close the deal? (5 Marks)