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NMIMS – Project Management

1) Describe the typical responsibilities of a project manager. Describe the similarities and dissimilarities in the roles and responsibilities of top management and functional managers in a project. Use examples to support your answer.(10 marks)

2) List any three potential problems in creating accurate duration estimates for activities during scheduling projects. Describe different methods for dealing with each potential problem. (10 marks)

3) The “procurement department” of a Supermarket prepares the monthly inventory report for use by the stores’ purchasing agents. Given the following information, determine:

JobJob DescriptionTime (Hours)Precedence requirements
BGet computer printouts of customer purchases10A
CGet stock records for the month10A
DReconcile purchase printouts and stock records35B,C
ETotal stock record by the department25B,C
FDetermine reorder quantity for the coming period45E
GPrepare stock report for purchasing agents20D,F
a. How long the process will take. (5 marks)

b. Which jobs can be delayed without delaying the early start of any subsequent activity? Explain how the project can be fast tracked. (5 marks)