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NMIMS – Lean Six Sigma

1. As a consultant for business process outsourcing (BPO) company develop a comprehensive framework utilizing the DMAIC methodology for process improvement by identifying any process (at least 1) that needs improvement. Additionally, envisage yourself as the project leader of a Six Sigma initiative and draft a set of guidelines for your team to adhere to, aimed at avoiding conflicts effectively.  (10 Marks)

2. Consider yourself as a Six Sigma project leader for a super specialty hospital. Develop a comprehensive schedule outlining all activities from patient admission to bed occupancy. Additionally, construct a process map delineating the patient admission procedure, commencing from registration to bed allocation within the hospital. (10 Marks)

3. Suppose you are employed at an organization that offers advanced software solutions and web-based business tools to other companies.

a. Select a specific process within your organization and deconstruct it into smaller tasks to pinpoint Non-Value Added (NVA), Business Value Added (BVA), and Value Added (VA) activities. (5 Marks)

b. If you are positioned as the project leader of a Six Sigma initiative centred around the identified process from part a then enumerate responsibilities associated with Six Sigma belts, including Master Black Belt (MBB), Black Belt (BB), Green Belt (GB), Yellow Belt (YB), and White Belt (WB). (5 Marks)