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NMIMS – Information System for Managers

Information System for Managers

1) GNJ Jewellers has now its several branches across different cities in India. The Jewellers started from very small shop in Mumbai and expanded their business in several years across India. Initially when they started, they have appointed different personnels to keep a track of jewelleries sold, orders given and inventory required. With the expansion of business in different cities, GNJ Jewellers are now finding it difficult to manage/ track the details at global level and to get an overview of Jewellery details across all stores of various cities. They contacted a solution providing firm to get solution of the same and were told to shift their business to Cloud wherein, all the operations of different stores can be monitored/detailed out very easily. Discuss how migrating to Cloud will help GNJ Jewellers to smoothen up the process of monitoring/tracking details from one location for other stores across various cities. Also, discuss which types of cloud and cloud service will be suitable for their organization. (10 marks)

2) Mantra Edutech has started its educational institute which provides certification courses related to various IT skill-based programs. They have setup their educational setup in offline mode in New Delhi. The institute has several departments such as admission, finance, academics, examination, HR etc. Mantra Edutech is finding it difficult to manage the operations of its institute manually; hence they need to automate the activities of all the departments. Discuss, how technology can help them in integrating and automating the activities of all the departments. Also, highlight 5 key benefits. (10 marks)

3) Xrbian Technology Solutions is new IT Company with the motive of providing solutions to different Organisations by catering to their specific product requirements. The company has been assigned a project development task that is relatively straightforward, with clear requirements. As a new venture, this organization is not fully aware of the different vulnerabilities and threats. Considering the above scenario, discuss and suggest various options for the following:

a) What can be the various threats and vulnerabilities that Xrbian Technology Solutions may face? What security measures can Xrbian Technology Solutions adopt to respond to these threats and vulnerabilities? (5 marks)

b) Discuss various software Development Life Cycle models Xrbian Technology Solutions can use for development of the Project. Support your answer with examples. State any assumptions made (for the project and the company). (5 marks)