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NMIMS – Consumer Behaviour

1. Perfora is a new brand of toothpaste that has entered the Indian market. Determine which market segment does Perfora appeals the most to. Perfora wishes to get a Brand Ambassador for its toothpaste. Suggest how will choose the right Brand Ambassador and give names of three potential Brand Ambassadors who you think can be considered for this. (10 Marks)

2. “Products are purchased emotionally and justified rationally”. Analyse this classical consumer purchase behaviour factor using Tanishq Gold and Diamond Jewellery as an example (10 Marks)

3. Answer the following

a. Take India’s joint family structure – how does this kind of family take purchase decision for FMCG Products (5 Marks)

b. There are many emerging new family structures coming into existence in the Society. Take the example of a blended family. For your information a Blended Family is defined as a family which results from remarriage or re-partnering after divorce or widowhood, where one or both partners bring children from previous relationships into the new family unit. This structure often involves step-parents, step-siblings, and half-siblings living together. This family wants to go for a family vacation. What is the different consumer buying factors that will shape the choice of a vacation for this family? (5 Marks)