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ISBM – A SnapComms quiz

Business Communication


CASE STUDY (20 Marks)


A SnapComms quiz containing two or more questions was sent out as a follow-up to IQ Direct to test for understanding of each bulletin’s content. (The control group was asked the same questions by email, but there were too few responses from those employees to yield any significant data). Not only did employees score full marks in 7495% of cases, but the Internal Communications team was also pleasantly surprised to find that staff enjoyed taking the quizzes. They had assumed that employees wouldn’t like completing them as it would remind them of being in school. What transpired was that staff felt better equipped to do their jobs. “SnapComms is brief, exactly to the point, and simple to understand…the quiz is also helpful as it shows how much we understood after answering the questions.” Pilot group employee. Throughout the pilot, the Internal Communications team consistently assessed the extent to which employee behavior had been influenced by the content of the messages delivered to them. The pilot team looked at four different procedures relating to those messages and conducted pre and post-pilot surveys. While there were significant increases in the level of readership, understanding of messages, satisfaction with the amount of content, and ease of use of the knowledge management system, they discovered that there was a much smaller improvement in how employees rated the messages in terms of helping them to do their job and that more work needed to be done to align the content of the message to the nature of customers’ calls.


Q1. How employee’s behavior was influenced by the contents of messages delivered to them. Explain.


Q2. How the staff felt better equipped to do their jobs. Discuss,