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Bring out the utility & quality­ aspects of packaging.

Marketing Management   Bring out the utility & quality­ aspects of packaging   Q1. Bring out the utility & quality­ aspects of packaging. Quote examples as appropriate Q2.Expenditure’ incurred for advertising is wasteful. Its results are unpredictable.Comment. Q3. Explain Sales Promotion Techniques.  Q4. What are new trends in Packaging? Q5. Explain Portfolio Analysis.  Q6. What is Branding? Q7. Explain e­ marketing.  Q8. Explain Co branding Bring out the utility & quality­ aspects of packaging   Assignment Solutions, Case study Answer sheets Project […]

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Global Marketing Management-What are the implications of tariffs in the Global Marketing? Q2. Write a short note on “Diffusion Theory”. Q3. Discuss the concept of competitive

 Global Marketing Management   Part One: Q1. All the ethnocentric orientations are collectively called______________ Q2. Which of the following comes under benefits of Global marketing? a. Endurance b. Sales Promotion […]

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