XAVIER – PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT-Explain the concepts of product life cycle

Explain the concepts of product life cycle

Production Management

1. Define Product Planning

2. What is meant by the term contribution in Break even analysis?

3. Explain the terms strategy and tactic

4. What is PDCA cycle?

5. What is tracking signal in forecasting?

6. Explain group technology?

7. What is job design and what approach is to taken to design of jobs?

8. What is aggregate planning?

9. Name the different types of inventories?

10. Explain the term ‘AQL’

11 (i) What are the advantages and disadvantages of product and process layout?

(ii) Explain the functions of product planning and control.

12 (i) Explain the concepts of product life cycle. As the product moves through this life cycle, what changes can be expected in its profitability and competitive factors?

(ii) What is break even analysis? What are the assumptions and advantages of break even analysis?
13 (i) Explain the design principles to simplify product and processes.
(ii) Explain the product development process.

14 (i) What are the assumptions made while deriving EOQ model?
(ii) Compare MRP and EOQ Model.
(iii) Explain the concept of MRPII

15 (i) What do you understand by ERP? What are the factors involved in ERP implementation?

(ii) What is simulation? What are its limitations? Also explain the steps in a simulation process.

16 (a) Explain type I and type II error.

(b) Explain Deming 14 point approach to TQM

17 (i)Explain the different redesign principles of an enterprise with respect to business process reengineering.

(ii) Differentiate between PERT and CPM

18 (i) Explain the principles of facility layout

(ii) Explain the factors which affect the facility location.


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