XAVIER – Principle & Practice Of Management 2-What advantages would accrue to CBS if it becomes a more diverse workplace?Do the SWOT analysis of following:- (i) McDonald (ii) Food Industry.What are the

What advantages would accrue to CBS

Principle & Practice Of Management 2



Q1. How communication crises arise?

Q2. What Principal should do to calm down the angry parents?

Q3. How school will regain its reputation? What services school should provide in order to maintain its reputation?

Q4. What message did the foundry workers and the new engineer convey to each other through their non-verbal behavior?

Q5. Mr. Vishwanath, the General Manager and President, was not often present at the foundry. What could this non-verbal behavior mean to the workers and the new engineer?

Q6. How could the engineer, the foundry workers and Mr. Vishwanath be more effective, both verbally and nonverbally?

Q7. What do you suggest that the engineer should do, after the hosing incident?

Q8. What advantages would accrue to CBS if it becomes a more diverse workplace?

Q9. Where would you have placed CBS on the organizational diversity continuum and where would you place CBS now? Why?

Q10. Which approach (es) to pluralism best sums up the diversity policy that is being developed at CBS? Explain

Q11. How do the attitudes of management at CBS as depicted in your case study affect the company’s progress toward forming a more diverse workforce? Explain.

Q12. Based on this case, develop guidelines for improving communication with each of different stakeholders, through better listening.

Q13. What are the essentials for the effective communication?

Q14. Write about McDonald marketing plan which they have implemented for the success?

Q15. Do the SWOT analysis of following:-

(i) McDonald
(ii) Food Industry



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