XAVIER – International Business-While some see globalization as the avenue to the development of poor nations, others see it intensifying misery and inequalities. Critically examine

While some see globalization as the avenue

XAVIER – International Business


Q1. What are basic differences between domestic and international business?

Q2. While some see globalization as the avenue to the development of poor nations, others see it intensifying misery and inequalities. Critically examine the above statement in today’s context?

Q3. Explain – Localisation of global strategy

Q4. Explain – Technology contracting (licensing) as an alternative to FDI or ownership strategy.

Q5. Explain – Major factors contributing to the success of international strategic alliances.

Q6. Explain the role of “Power Distance” in understanding Hofsted’s work on cross-cultural prospective. How does this help in managing international environment?

Q7. Discuss the relationship between an MNE and its subsidiaries in the context of the “make or buy” decision. What are the implications so far as the organization structure/design is concerned?

Q8. Explain the role of bargaining power” in managing negotiations in international business.

Q9. Briefly discuss the direct and indirect impacts of FDI on LDCs

Q10. Identify the sequence of events that has led to the current problem. (b) Analyse the problem in the context of the process of globalization that has been increasingly witnesses over the past decade or so. (c) Examine the “fairness” of establishing a 100% subsidiary by Schwitz GMBH when the alliance is on. (d) What future course of action would you suggest to S&S? Give reasons for your answer.

Q11. Is Sunlight on the right track in going global without trying to consolidate its position further in the home market? 2. Can Sunlight realise its global vision with its current mix of strategies? However fine the company’s HR planning had been, had Shukla made a mistake by not developing his strategies first? 3. Are there any gaps in Shukla’s game plan to conquer the globe? 4. What are the learnings that you can derive from the “Sunlight” case so far as the internationalization of business is concerned?

Q12. 1. What are Electrlox’s reasons for direct investment?

2. How has Electrolux’s strategy changed over time? How has this affected its direct investment activities?

3. Which of Electrolux’s foreign investments would be horizontal and which would be vertical? What are the advantages of each?

4. What do you see as the main advantages and possible problems of expanding internationally primarily through acquisitions as opposed to building one’s own facilities?

5. Should Electrolux take over Granges?


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