XAVIER – Human Resource Management -Define and discuss the objectives of Human Resource Planning at organizational level. How does it help in determining and evaluating future

Define and discuss the objectives of Human

Human Resource Management



Q1. Define and differentiate between Job Analysis, Job Description and Job Evaluation. Select an appropriate job evaluation method and create a plan for evaluating jobs of scientists in different grades.

Q2. Discuss the role of indoctrination in organizations. How can Performance Appraisal, and Training and Development be made an integral part of Human Resource Planning? Discuss.

Q3. Discuss the scope of Human Resource Audit. While auditing Reward systems for employees in a manufacturing organization, which factors should be taken into account and why? Explain with suitable examples.

Q4. Define and discuss the need for Human Resource Planning in an organization. Briefly discuss various approaches to HRP

Q5. Write short notes on any three of the following:
a) Training methods
b) Value determinants of HRP
c) Human Resource accounting
d) Labour Market Behavior
e) Promotion and Reward Policies


Q1. Define and discuss the objectives of Human Resource Planning at organizational level. How does it help in determining and evaluating future organizational capabilities, needs and anticipated problems? Explain with suitable examples.

Q2. Define and describe Job Analysis. Briefly discuss several methods in which information about a job is collected and evaluated.

Q3. What is the purpose and process of recruitment function? Discuss various methods of sourcing manpower.

Q4. How is monetary value assigned to different dimensions of Human Resources costs, investments, and worth of the employees? Briefly explain Cost and Economic value approaches of measurement.

Q5. Write short notes on any three of the following :
a) MBO
b) Succession Planning
c) Competency Mapping
d) Job Evaluation
e) H.R. Inventory

Q6. Was the management justified in taking a decision to recruit a qualified and experienced person from outside as Deputy Chief Quality Controller?

Q7. Was it in the interest of the organization to transfer Ratnam to the new auto-wheeler plant and promote Kapil Kumar? What could have prompted the management to take this decision?

Q8. How do you view the role of O.A.s in supporting only the local and internal candidates and overlooking the interests of direct recruits even when they were family members of the Association, particularly at a time, when the industry needed professionally qualified persons to fill key technical posts?

Q9. How would you react to the management’s scheme for quarter allotment and why?

i) Identify the issues related to manpower planning as evident in the case.

ii) Discuss the strategies to tackle the percentage of internal promotion at the organizational level.

iii)What type of additional training programmers’ should be imparted for direct entrants?

iv) Suppose you are the head of the personnel division. What would be your suggestions in the meeting – Which has been called by the General Manager?


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