XAVIER – Business Analysis-What are the different applications available in MS-Office

What are the different applications available in MS-Office

Business Analysis

Section A

Answer any five questions in not exceeding 2 or 3 lines each. Each question carries 2 marks.

  1. What are the different applications available in MS-Office?
  2.  What are the different text alignments possible in MS-Word?
  3. How will you identify a word file using extension?
  4. In which menu print options exist?
  5. What is meant by super script?
  6. Write the name of a spread sheet application?
  7. What is meant by cell address?
  8. What is meant by slide?
  9. What is meant by record?
  10. What is the function used to find sum of numbers in cells?
  11. What is the short cut key to open a document in MS-Word?
  12. Write the difference between cut and copy options. Section B
    Answer any five questions. Each question carries 8 marks.


  1. Explain any two functions in MS-Excel.
  2. Point out the different operators used in Excel.
  3. Write a note on transition of slides.
  4. Explain database with example.
  5. Write a short note on bullets and numbering
  6. Explain the use of Header and Footer in a document.
  7. Write any three chart models available in MS-Excel.
  8. What is meant by query?
  9. What are the different options available in page setup menu in MS-Word?
  10. Point out difference spread sheet applications.
    (8 x 5 = 40 marks)

Section C
Answer any two questions.. Each question carries 15 marks.

Express in detail the different steps in Mail merging.

Explain the chart preparation steps in MS-Excel.

How will you make a presentation using Computer? Explain the steps.


What are the different applications available in MS-Office


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What are the different applications available in MS-Office

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What are the different applications available in MS-Office