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  1. Goodwill Bakery has now several branches across different cities in India. This bakery started a small shop in New Delhi and then expanded its bakery business across several states of the Country. Initially, when they started, they appointed different personnel to keep track of products sold, orders given, and inventory required. With the expansion of business in different cities, Goodwill Bakery is now finding it difficult to manage/ track the details at the national level and to get an overview of product details across all stores in various cities. They contacted a solution-providing firm to get solution of the same and were told to shift their business to the Cloud wherein, all the operations of different stores can be monitored/detailed out very easily. Discuss how shifting/migrating to Cloud technology will help Goodwill Bakery to smoothen up the process of monitoring details from one location for other stores across various cities. Also, discuss which types of cloud and cloud services will be suitable for Goodwill Bakery. (10 marks)
  2. he E-Business platform is booming a lot these days. Almost all individuals have accepted the E-Commerce technology for their daily requirements. Most of the retailers have joined hands with various E-commerce Companies for selling their products. Discuss how the retailers are getting benefitted by choosing these e-commerce platforms. Which type of sellers are being benefitted most by choosing the e-commerce platform (Explain with help of some Statistics) and will the e-commerce technology will see the downfall? Discuss your views for all the above points by choosing any one E-Commerce platform as an example. (10 marks)
  3. Saviant Technology Solutions is new IT Company with the motive of providing solutions to different Organisations by catering to their specific product requirements. This Company has received the Project Development Task which is not much Complex in nature and the requirements are also to some extent clear. As a new venture, this organization is not fully aware of the different vulnerabilities and threats to the data of the Organization. Considering the above scenarios, discuss the following:
    a) Discuss the various threats and vulnerabilities related to Saviant Technology. Also, explain what are the security measures need to be adopted by Saviant Technology Solutions for avoiding the threats. (5 marks)
    b) Explain which Software Development Life Cycle model needs to be implemented by Saviant Technology Solutions for development of the Project stated in the above Scenario. (5 marks)

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