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NMIMS – Financial Institutions and Markets

Q1.Ms. Suraksha, after completing her graduation, has recently joined a bank. With a steady income and good growth prospects for her career, she intends to save regularly and increase the amount of savings gradually over the years. Her colleagues in the bank have advised her investing in Mutual Funds (MFs), as a suitable option for her. However, Ms. Suraksha is not at aware with MFs. Help Suraksha to understand about mutual funds, types of MF and why she should invest through mutual fund? (10 marks)

Q2. You are appointed as a Senior financial research analyst in a reputed firm. Your manager asks you to advise him on the different ways to test market efficiency. Discuss the various test for market efficiency which will help the Firm’s investment to earn excess returns. (10 Marks)

Q3. “PNB unearthed the scam on January 25, 2018, and submitted a fraud report to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on January 29. On that day, a criminal complaint for registration of FIR was also made with the CBI. This was followed by another fraud report being submitted to the RBI on February 7, the day when one more complaint was filed with the CBI”

A. With reference to the PNB Fraud case, analyse the event in details. (5 Marks)

B. Enumerate the various risk that is highlighted in this event and bring out the difference between Systemic Risk and Unsystematic Risk. (5 Marks)