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NMIMS – Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management

1. Health & Wellness retreat: Can you explain how you plan to generate revenue and sustain your business in the Indian market. (10 Marks)

2. Riyansh and John are two friends who want to start a technology company. They are concerned about limiting their personal liability and attracting potential investors. Which form of ownership should they consider, and what are the main characteristics of this form? (10 Marks) 

3. Elizabeth is aspiring entrepreneur who wants to launch a business with a fast-food restaurant. She does not want to start business from scratch because of low-risk appetite and not sufficient capital to start the business.

a. Elizabeth is exploring different business models for her new fast- food restaurant venture. Examine the advantages and limitations of franchise business model and an independent fast-food restaurant.  (5 Marks)

b. Advise Elizabeth on the most suitable model for her business and why?  (5 Marks)