How did Tupperware use parties to increase sales of its products

Tupperware – Influencing Opinions through Word-of-Mouth

How did Tupperware use parties to increase sales of its products

Tupperware’s famed ‘Party Plan’ strategy helped the company to connect with potential customers and generate sales from products which were priced at a premium as compared to similar products in the market. The company entered into tie-ups with FMCG players like P&G to increase visibility in the market. The caselet also mentions how Tupperware developed a fun atmosphere in the company.


» Effectiveness of peer group promotions over traditional mode of promotions like advertising

» How alliances help in improving visibility among the brands involved in the alliance

» The need to look for alternative sales generating options other than direct selling to generate revenues


Tupperware, a direct selling company entered India in November 1996. Tupperware adopted a three-tier network structure. At the lowest level was the Dealer. One rank above the dealer was the Manager who operated a team of six dealers. The manager also had to sell like the dealers, in addition to motivating and training dealers. She got a commission on the sales of her team…

Questions for Discussion:

  1. How did Tupperware use parties to increase sales of its products?


  1. “Tupperware’s marketing strategy was described by its three Ps – Product, Party Plan, and People.” What was unique about Tupperware’s marketing?

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