Tourism Management -Define the role of Government in Tourism? Q3. Write a short note on Tourism Promotion agencies?Define Tourism & Foreign Exchange Rates?

Define the role of Government in Tourism

Tourism Management


Multiple Choices:

Q1. Which system replaced Roman rule that resulted in many different autonomous domains.

a. Feudal system

b. Macro polo system

c. Sporadic system

d. None

Q2. Out of the following which Era is characterized by travel to new & familiar locations, both near & far

a. The Grand Tour Era

b. The Mobility Era

c. The Modern Era

d. The Traditional Era

Q3. Knowledge of ___________ geography provides the means to identify & describe natural features of the earth including landforms, water, vegetation & climate.

a. Physical

b. Human

c. Regional

d. Social

Q4. Studying tourism from a __________ approach provides a basic understanding of how organizations manage revenues & expenses.

a. Marketing

b. Finance

c. Management

d. None

Q5. Out of the following which comes under the fourth need of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

a. Physiological needs

b. Safety needs

c. Belonging needs

d. Esteem needs.

Q6. Which segmentation has proven especially useful in segmenting the traveling public

a. Geographic segmentation

b. Demographic segmentation

c. Psychographic segmentation

d. Product-related segmentation

Q7. _____________ travel is considered to be the backbone or “bread & butter” of the tourism industry

a. Business

b. Incentive

c. Special-interest

d. Personnel

Q8. ___________ refers to the ability of service personnel to perform the promised service accurately & consistently

a. Tangible

b. Reliability

c. Responsiveness

d. Assurance

Q9. This is the most simplest form of distribution, providing travelers with direct access to tourism supplier

a. One-level distribution channels

b. Two-level distribution channels

c. Three-level distribution channels

d. Four-level distribution channels

Q10. Out of the following which tour provides buyers with a number of tourism supplier elements plus the services of a local host

a. Independent tour

b. Foreign independent tour/ domestic independent tour

c. Hosted tour

d. Escorted tour

Part Two:

Q1. List the different types of segmentations of Tourism Market?

Q2. Define the role of Government in Tourism?

Q3. Write a short note on Tourism Promotion agencies?

Q4. Define Tourism & Foreign Exchange Rates?

Q5. Was broccoli a good choice as a substitution for cauliflower on this menu? Why or why not?

Q6. How might the handling of this specific food item shortage be improved?

Q7. What are the pros and cons of ordering frozen vegetables as a backup in case fresh items are not available?

Q8. What should Jacquey do to determine whether the shortage rate really is unacceptable and, if it is, how could she reduce the shortage rate?

Q9. To whom should the restaurateur go for help in gathering possible solutions to the lopsided workload situation?

Q10. What are some possible options for shifting some of the workload from the first cook to the other two cooks?

Q11. Define Tourism and service & Tourism? Explain the challenges and opportunities of Tourism.

Q12. Discuss Tourism information sources and service? Explain the two-level distribution and three level distribution channel.




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