Tourism Development Write a short note on Travel Agent Association of India (TAAI).Q2. What are the different categories of Travel Motivators? How should Jordan tourism

Write a short note on Travel Agent

Tourism Development

Multiple Choices:

Q1. ___________ are those factors that create a person’s desire to travel.

a. Travel motivation

b. Early influences

c. Tour operator

d. None

Q2. This is the modern Western style hotels seen in almost all metropolitan & other large cities as well as principal tourist centres.

a. Resort hotels

b. Commercial hotel

c. International hotels

d. Residential hotels

Q3. The companies practicing this concept think in terms of the benefits they are selling rather than the products.

a. Integrated marketing

b. Customer orientation

c. Dual-core marketing job

d. None

Q4. This segment comprises visits to relatives & friends & visits for the purpose of education, pilgrimages etc.

a. The common-interest tourist

b. The vacation tourist

c. The business tourist

d. Tourist market

Q5. The research which includes the collection & analysis of all available data, statistics & published information on tourist trends and markets.

a. Desk research

b. Field research

c. Sample surveys

d. Motivation research

Q6. ____________ is a pamphlet bound in the form of a booklet.

a. Special offers

b. Display material

c. Sales letter

d. Brochure

Q7. This part of NTO will be concerned with all those elements and activities which make up the tourism product.

a. The administration

b .The production

c. The marketing

d. Financing

Q8. When people travel outside their normal domicile to certain other areas within the country is known as

a. Domestic tourism

b. International tourism

c. Foreign tourism

d. None

Q9. This is the division or categorization of land permitting only certain kinds of use on it.

a. Creation of “honey pots”.

b. Dispersion policy

c. Zoning

d. Encouragement of green policies

Q10. PATA stands for_____________.

Part Two :

Q1. Write a short note on Travel Agent Association of India (TAAI).

Q2. What are the different categories of Travel Motivators?

Q3. Define the Measurement of Tourism?

Q4. Explain the functioning of WTO.

Q5. What are some tactics and strategies that need to be used to make this a workable situation for the development and private enterprise?

Q6. Who might the partners be in this type of situation?

Q7. How will the message of environmental ethics be promoted?

Q8. Where will the information distribution centers be established?

Q9. To whom should the restaurateur go for help in gathering possible solutions to the lopsided workload situation?

Q10. What are some possible options for shifting some of the workload from the first cook to the other two cooks?

Q11. How should Jordan tourism products be packaged?

Q12. How does Jordan’s location in the middle of the world events and fighting impact its tourism products?

Q13. How will the issue of enhanced tourism be promoted to the population as well as to potential tourists?

Q14. How will infrastructure issues be addressed (water, waste, security, transportation) to make a trip to Jordan achievable?

Q15. Define Hotel and explain the different types of Hotels.

Q16. Discuss the Marketing concept? Define the special features of Tourism Marketing and also explain the Tourist Marketing Mix?

Write a short note on Travel Agent

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Write a short note on Travel Agent