Telecom Technologies Which technology is among the early starter in providing VoWiFi solutions for enterprises with wireless networks What are the measures which are behind

Which technology is among the early

Telecom Technologies


Multiple Choices:

Q1. Which technology is among the early starter in providing VoWiFi solutions for enterprises with wireless networks?

a. Symbol Technologies

b. Vocera Technologies

c. Spectra link Technologies

d. None of the above

Q2. In wireless networks ___________ refers to the measure of the performance for a system reflecting its transmission quality & service availability.

a. Internet speeds

b. Quality of Service (QOS)

c. Interoperability

d. Line of Sight

Q3. A single IP-based core network handling the full range of telecom services.

a. Power line Communication (PLC)



d. Next Generation Networks

Q4. Which country has the strong competitive broadband market with a penetration of 16%?

a. India

b. USA

c. Japan

d. China

Q5. Out of the following which project aims to substantially replace all of Bt’s existing network platform (PSTDN, ISDN etc) with a single unified IP platform.

a. ADSL2

b. 21CN

c. ATM


Q6. Which generation of mobile telephony will serve both voice & data applications?

a. 1G

b. 2G

c. 3G

d. 4G

Q7. This is a high bandwidth wireless networking service that operates in the frequency spectrum of 28-31 GHz range.



c. BW

d. None

Q8. Which management establishes the right architecture to deliver more products, better leveraging development & deployment expenditures?

a. Product Portfolio Management

b. Partner Management

c. Platform Management

d. None of the above

Q9. ___________ Frequencies allow multiple service providers to utilize the same section of the spectrum & compete with each other for customers.

a. Licensed

b. Unlicensed

c. Both

d. None of the above

Q10. LAS-CDMA stands for ____________________.

Part Two:

Q1. What is Backhauling solution?

Q2. What is Broadband?

Q3. What is WiMAX?

Q4. What is THIPON?

Q5. What is a VOWiFi?

Q6. Comment on the strategy which is adopted by the FCC “broadband wire line Internet access services” is fruitful or not?

Q7. Explain the concept of ATDI.

Q8. What are the measures which are behind the success of the ATDI methodology?

Q9. What is GSM/3G technology?

Q10. Write down the steps which are to be known in auto planning.

Q11. WiFi/mobile roaming and VoWiFi may play an important role for fixed-mobile convergence. Explain.

Q12. Does a ‘light touch’ regulation regime make sense within the NGN environment? What benefits & risks do you see with a ‘light-touch’?



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