“SnapComms does more than just reduce email overload” Comment.



“SnapComms does more than just reduce email overload” Comment.


CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

Ability to swap content out quickly —Prior to rolling out the SnapComms solution, the insurance company were limited to what they could put on staff screensavers. This was due to the fact that pushing out screensaver content to staff computers was only done once per quarter, so the ability to change what was displayed was time consuming for the desktop team. With the SnapComms Screensaver Messages solution, the Communications team have complete control of when screensavers are displayed, how many are displayed at once, and they now have the additional benefit of being able to target specific screensavers to different parts of the business. The assigned message administrators can deploy a screensaver whenever they need to, without engaging the Desktop Support team to push it out manually, making the whole process a lot more efficient. SnapComms has addressed the issues that were impacting staff communications at the insurance company. Important communications now get the cut through they need in order to keep staff informed of potential issues at their location in real time. The Communications team now has the ability to run targeted internal communications campaigns without having to rely on the desktop support team. And the Compliance manager has the ability disseminate compliance communications across the business, with an eye to the future of being able to quiz staff on policies and track results in real time.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Give an overview of the case


Q2. “SnapComms does more than just reduce email overload” Comment.

“SnapComms does more than just reduce email overload” Comment.


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