SAP-R/3- With the help of proper diagram explain the steps use to customizing with the new visual design command Explain the elements which are found on every

With the help of proper diagram



Multiple choices:

Q1. Which feature or element not found on every screen of the SAP application window?

a. Title bar

b. Central work area

c. Standard toolbar

d. None of the above

Q2. SAP Easy Access Screen contains a set of folders called________________.

a. Favorites Menu

b. System Menu

c. Environment Menu

d. Standard Toolbar

Q3. What will be display when the system shortcut menu icon clicked?

a. Service order

b. Short menu of command

c. System menu

d. Small application bar

Q4. How much buttons contain in application toolbar for issuing commands that are related to these screen elements?

a. 6

b. 7

c. 8

d. 9

Q5. The ____________allows to adjust the size & shape of the application window by clicking & dragging it into a new position.

a. Frame grabber

b. Panel

c. Frames

d. Selection box

Q6. What will be highlight when a selection box is clicked?

a. Selected box

b. Object codes

c. List icon

d. Frame

Q7. The procedure begins at the ____________in the application toolbar of the table.

a. Delete button

b. Choose layout screen

c. Layout setting button

d. None of the above

Q8. ___________are created in SAP 4.7 to track the activities & cost of installing and maintaining technical equipment.

a. Maintenance Processing

b. Logistics

c. Plant maintenance

d. All of the above

Q9. Which screen contains seven data fields in which the e-mail & its attached documents are described?

a. Document content sub screen

b. Attribute sub screen

c. Create & send document screen

d. Recipient sub screen

Q10. The Links for all the transaction in the financial and controlling modules which are use to manage budgets and costs are hold by________.

a. Accounting folder

b. User menu folder

c. Favorites folder

d. Logistics folder

True & False:

Q1. Root folder is known as SAP menu.

Q2. Click the customizing of local layout button to display its menu, then follow the menu path (customizing of local layout < new visual design)

Q3. The title bar displays the name of the screen in the application window.

Q4. The command buttons execute internal tasks.

Q5. SAP R/3 is a package of integrated application.

Q6. The reporting transaction creates & change objects in their database records.

Q7. Business workplace screen helps to create and send new email.

Q8. The create document and send screen appears when click the mail recipient button.

Q9. In saving a display variant, second step of procedure is optional.

Q10. Line item fields are strings of fields in which you can enter several bits of coded & short text data about an object.

Q11. What is SAP R/3?

Q12. Explain “Central Work Area”.

Q13. How many formats of Data entry field appears on initial screen?

Q14. Define Plant Maintenance.

Q15. How can you change the names of folders & links in your favorites folders at any time?

Q16. How can you use keystrokes to execute commands on objects in your favorites folders?

Q17. How to customizing the SAP easy access screen?

Q18. What is a procedure to filtering a line item report? Explain with example.

Q19. With the help of proper diagram explain the steps use to customizing with the new visual design command.

Q20. Explain the elements which are found on every screen of the SAP application window.


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