Sales and Distribution Management-How can you help Snow White become less dependent on the selling agents and plan its sales and profitability better? How can they plan their customer

How can you help Snow White

Sales and Distribution Management


Multiple Choices:

Q1. Out of the following which gap arise when the sales force does not have the required knowledge, skills or capabilities to become successful on the Job.

a. Knowledge gap

b. Capability gap

c. Methods gap

d. Training gap

Q2. This method is used by the trainers to present more information in a short time to a large number of participants.

a. Lecture

b. Demonstration

c. Group discussion

d. None of the above

Q3. It improves on traditional computer based training by making the information available to the salesperson immediately and in a personalized manner.

a. Distance Learning

b. Interactive Multimedia Training

c. Mentoring

d. Electronic Performance Support System

Q4. These are preprogrammed computer packages, and are based on reality:

a. Role Playing

b. Case Studies

c. Simulation Games

d. Job Rotation

Q5. The responsibility which include dealing with stakeholders with fairness impartiality and equality is known as:

a. Ethical Responsibilities

b. Legal Responsibilities

c. Economic Responsibilities

d. Voluntary Responsibilities

Q6. They are the shopkeepers who set up shops in the market place to cater to the needs of hundreds of consumers.

a. Distributors

b. Wholesalers

c. Agents

d. Retailers

Q7. This strategy is to make sure that the product is made available in as many outlets as possible so that anywhere the consumer go, he or she should be able to get the product of his choice.

a. Exclusive Distribution

b. Selective Distribution

c. Intensive Distribution

d. Distribution Channel

Q8. This is the stage of the birth of multiple retail formats to please the customer.

a. Stage of Infancy (Child hood)

b. Meeting Customer Expectations (Youth)

c. Shift in the power equation (Adulthood)

d. Consolidation (Maturity)

Q9. It is the identity that the store develops for itself in terms of what it has to offer the customers.

a. Positioning Strategy

b. Product Differentiation Strategy

c. Operational Strategy

d. Targeting

Q10. It is the most convenient size of the product that the customer can buy at a time.

a. Lot Size

b. Waiting Time

c. Choice to the consumer

d. Place Utility

Part Two:

Q1. What is Channel Conflict?

Q2. What is an Information System? What is the purpose of Information Systems?

Q3. State the different categories of Inventory.

Q4. What is Electronic Data Interchange?

Q5. What improvements do you suggest in the staffing process followed by the company?

Q6. Was Sunil Kumar right in getting market surveys done by the new salesperson?

Q7. How can you help Snow White become less dependent on the selling agents and plan its sales and profitability better? How can they plan their customer service efforts?

Q8. Explain in detail the Role of Retailers.

Q9. How does the availability of the Internet impact on International sales?

Q10. What are the basic concepts of Sales Organization? Explain any one of those concepts.



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