Renewable Energy How could renewable energy help in providing opportunities to the youth State the issues involved in mainstreaming of Renewable.

How could renewable energy help

Renewable Energy


Part One:

Q1. Which of the following works as the promotional and financial arm of the Ministry?





Q2. _________________ is a research that focus on producing more energy than consumed by combining highly efficient design in fuel – cell.

a. Zero Energy Building

b. Hydrogen Technology

c. Nano Technology

d. LED Development

Q3. MNES has been promoting RD & D to tap the energy namely:

a. Biomass

b. Solar Air Heating

c. SPV Power Plant

d. Hydrogen Energy

Q4. India is the fifth largest producer of ______________ in the world with power generation capacity of 126MV:

a. Wind Power Energy

b. Small Hydro Power

c. Ocean Energy

d. Biomass Power

Q5. WEA stands for _________________________.

Q6. MNES stands for ________________________________________.

Q7. It is only possible when biogas from fodder grasses without going through the bullock route:

a. Fodder – Biogas – Engine

b. Fodder – Bullock

c. Wood – Producer Gas – Engine

d. Bullock – Biogas – Fodder

Q8. NABARD is providing the facility of automatic refinancing to banks as an:

a. Incentive for Solar Photovoltaic’s

b. Incentive for Biogas

c. Incentive for Solar Thermal

d. Incentive for Small Hydro Power

Q9. Give any two objectives of Cost Management System?

Q10. Uncertain technological track record is which of the following barrier in Solar Power Development:

a. Market Related

b. Institutional

c. Economical & Technological

d. Ecological

Part Two:

Q1. Write a short note on ‘Wind Turbine System’.

Q2. Describe some policies of Small Scale Industries.

Q3. Write a short note on ‘Small Hydro Power? State its investment opportunities.

Q4. What are the problems in Renewal Energy Sources?

Q5. How to Generate Solar Energy using Naptha? Explain.

Q6. What is Renewable Energy and state the Sustainable Development to it?

Q7. How could renewable energy help in providing opportunities to the youth?

Q8. Write a note on ‘Adoption of Renewable Energy’.

Q9. What are the issues in harnessing Renewable Energy?

Q10. Write the key features of Renewable Energy Technologies.

Q11. Give the Pros & Cons of Solar Power.

Q12. State the issues involved in mainstreaming of Renewable.



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