Promoting Diversity – The American Express Way

Promoting Diversity – The American Express Way

To study the practical implementation of diversity at a large American company

American Express was well known in American corporate circles for its commitment to diversity. The company not only made a conscious effort to recruit a diverse workforce, but it also created a work culture where diversity was valued and promoted. This case discusses the diversity initiatives of AmEx. It talks about how the company partnered with several profit and non profit organizations to ensure that it had access to a diverse pool of candidates in its recruitment efforts. It also talks about the culture and policies at AmEx that ensured that diversity was promoted in all parts of the organization. The case concludes with a commentary on the extent to which the diversity initiatives were successful at the company, in the light of a law suit filed by some women employees against the discrimination they faced.


  1. To understand the importance of diversity and its role in creating a positive work environment

  2. To study the practical implementation of diversity at a large American company

  3. To analyze the extent to which diversity initiatives can be implemented at large companies with dispersed operations

  4. To understand the pitfalls of focusing on diversity to the extent of neglecting the mainstream workforce

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