Project reports on Business Administration projects

Project reports on Business Administration projects

Project reports on Business Administration projects


Business Administration projects


  1. An Appraisal Of The Relevance Of Financial Incentives To Workers Motivation

  2. An Assessment Of The  Impact Of Marketing Segmentation On Production Planning In An Organization

  3. An Evaluation Of The Cost Of Packaging And Its Implications On The Profitability Of A Manufacturing Organization

  4. An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Wages And Salaries Policies On The Performance Of Workers Of National Eye Centre

  5. Effective Communication As A Tool For Achieving Organizational Goal And Objectives

  6. Effective Recruitment And Selection As A Tool For Achieving Higher Employee Productivity In An Organization

  7. Effects Of Marketing Segmentation On Sales Performance In Beverages Industry

  8. Leadership And Its Effects On Performance, Achievement And Goal Realization

  9. Organizational Structure And Its Effect On Workers Performance

  10. Organ gram As An Important Communication Tool In Business Organization

  11. Performance Appraisal As A Tool For Enhancing Organizational Productivity

  12. Role Of Communication In Enhancing Productivity In An Organization

  13. Staff Motivation And Its Impact On Organizational Productivity

  14. Techniques For Assessing The Durability Of Small Scale Business Opportunities

  15. The Assessment Of Human Resource Development In Enhancing Organizational Productivity In Kaduna Refinery And Petroleum Company

  16. The Effect Of Human Resource Development On Employee Productivity In Seven Up Bottling Company Kaduna

  17. The Effect Of Motivational Tools On Employees Morale In An Organization

  18. The Impact Of Performance Evaluation On Workers Productivity In Nigeria

  19. The Impact Of Time Management In Employee Productivity In Organization

  20. The Importance Of Training And Development Of Organizational Performance In Airtel Mobile Communication

  21. Training Manpower Development And Employee Performance In An Organization

  22. The Relevance Of Sales Promotion To Business Organizations

  23. The Role Of Auditing In Organizational Effectiveness

  24. The Effect Of Work Environment On Organizational Performance

  25. Cargo Freight Rate In Liner Shipping And Its Correlation To High Prices Of Imported Goods In Nigeria

  26. The Impact Of Promotional Mix Elements On Profitability In The Telecommunication Industry

  27. Corporate Governance And Its Effect On Organizational Performance

  28. The Economic Implication Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Ailing Industries In Nigeria

  29. The Impact Of Work Environment On Employee Productivity

  30. The Impact Of Various Leadership Styles On Organisational Performance

  31. The Impact Of Training And Personal Development On Organizational Productivity

  32. The Impact Of Strategic Human Resource Management On Organizational Performance

  33. The Impact Of Performance Appraisal On Staff Productivity

  34. The Impact Of Motivation In Achieving Organizational Goals (A Case Study Of Ministry Of Finance Asaba Delta State

  35. The Impact Of Microfinance Bank On The Performance Of Small Scale Businesses In Delta State

  36. The Impact Of Effective Personal Selling Strategies On The Marketing Of Industrial Products

  37. The Effects Of Organizational Culture On Employee Performance And Productivity

  38. Inventory Valuation Management And Control In Manufacturing Organization

  39. Impact Of Inventory Management On Manufacturing Organization (A Study Of Cadbury Nigeria Plc, Lagos)

  40. Impact Of Customer Retention On Business Performance

  41. Effect Of Small-Scale Industries On The Nigerian Economy

  42. A Study On The Importance Of Branding And Packaging On Marketing Productivity Of Locally Made Products

  43. Corporate Governance And Performance Of Banks In Nigeria

  44. The Influence Of Demographic Factors On Teachers Recruitment And Retaining

  45. A Critical Analysis On The Effect Of Building Relationship Marketing Through Online Marketing Communication On Business Growth, A Survey Of Retail Stores In Asaba

  46. E-Marketing And Small Scale Business In Nigeria Threat Or Opportunities

  47. The Effect Of Advertising On Consumer’s Acceptability Of New Product

  48. Training Types And Their Impact On Employee Job Satisfaction

  49. The Relevance Of Human Resource In Today’s Business Environment

  50. The Impact Of Work Environment On Worker’s Productivity A Case Study Of United Bank For Africa

  51. The Impact Of Training And Development On Staff Efficiency In An Organization

  52. The Impact Of Training And Development On Productivity In Delta State University, Asaba Campus

  53. The Impact Of Strategic Planning On Organizational Performance; A Study Of Some Selected Banks In Asaba

  54. The Impact Of Cultural Diversity On Organizational Performance

  55. The Impact Of Corporate Planning And Strategic Management On Performance Of Selected Oil Companies

  56. The Effect Of Training On Employee Performance In Public Service

  57. The Effect Of Stress On Employees Performance In Nigerian Polytechnics

  58. The Effect Of Cost Reduction And Control Techniques On The Performance Of Manufacturing Firms In Nigeria

  59. The Effect Of Changing Organizational Culture On Total Quality Management Practices Of Asaba Aluminium Company Limited, Asaba, Delta State

  60. Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance Of Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc

  61. Effect Of Training And Human Capital Development On Staff Performance

  62. An Examination Of The Effect Of Promotional Tools On Organizational Performance

  63. A Study On The Relevance Of Corporate Disclosure To Shareholders

  64. Communication In Leadership And Staff Job Performance A Study Of Nigerian Television Authority Stations

  65. The Impact Of Newspaper Advertisement On Organizational Growth (A Case Study Of Globacom Nigeria Limited)

  66. Effectiveness Of Pricing Policy And Profit Planning In Nigerian Organizations A Performance Appraisal Of Some Selected Manufacturing Firms

  67. Impact Of Training On Employees Job Satisfaction

  68. The Effect Of Stress On Workers Performance Case Study Of First Bank

  69. Corporate Governance And Financial Reporting In Nigerian Banking Industry

  70. Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance

  71. The Impact Of Conflict Management On Organizational Efficiency

  72. The Impact Of Customer Relationship Marketing On Customer Retention. (A Case Study Of Gtb Of Nigeria Plc)

  73. The Impact Of Job Satisfaction And Workers’ Performance In The Health Sector (A Study Of Federal Medical Centre Asaba)

  74. The Impact Of Market Segmentation On Sales Performance

  75. The Role And Importance Of Corporate Social Responsibilities On Crisis Management A Study Of Grand Hotels Limited Asaba

  76. Corporate Social Accounting Information Disclosures Among Firms In Nigeria

  77. Sme Financing And Economic Growth In Nigeria

  78. The Impact Of Human Resource Management On Organizational Performance

  79. The Impact Of Marketing Information System (Mis) On Marketing Decision Making In The Organizations

  80. Effective Utilization Of Management By Objectives In Nigerian Companies, Problems And Prospects

  81. Problems And Prospects Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Nigeria

  82. Quality Control As A Means Of Enhancing Productivity In A Production Company (A Case Study Of Life Flour Mills Nigeria Limited)

  83. The Effect Of Capital Structure On Corporate Performances (A Case Study Of Selected Companies In Ughelli)


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