Principles of Hospital Administration and Planning- Describe a performance appraisal system that you will recommend to Ritu for evaluating the employees Write in brief about structure and function

Describe a performance appraisal system

Principles of Hospital Administration and Planning


Multiple Choices:

Q1. A method of collaborative work in which visual display of information on flip charts or other media to which other group member can use is__________

a. Decision matrices

b. Multivoting

c. Boarding

d. Brainstorming

Q2. A tool for Data collection which summarise perception of a large sample of people is___________

a. Surveys

b. Interviews

c. Check sheet

d. Data sheets

Q3. Members of Inspection control committee_________

a. Microbiologist, O.T. incharge, Medical Superintendent

b. Representative from Nursing Service, CSSD in charge, Representative from major clinical department

c. Both (a) & (b)

d. None of the above

Q4. MRD stands for___________

a. Medical Records Department

b. Medicine Records Department

c. Medicine Release Department

d. None of the above

Q5. Format for appraisal in which rank order is establish of employees based on their relative merit_________

a. Forced Distribution Technique

b. Graphic Rating Scale

c. Ranking methods

d. Free Written Ratings

Q6. Analytical technique in Materials Management in which all items in inventory on the basis of annual usage time cost is________

a. FSN Analysis

b. ABC Analysis

c. VED Analysis

d. None of the above

Q7. Planning tool used in Quality Management in which the items are written on individual cards and displayed on a flip chart__________

a. Relations Diagram

b. Process Decision Program chart

c. Affinity Diagram

d. Activity Network Diagram

Q8. Method of filing of Medical records in which involves filing of records in exact chronological order according to unit / serial number___________

a. Middle Digit filing

b.Terminal Digit filing

c. Straight Numeric filing

d. None of the above

Q9. Type of hospital in which the number of beds is over 300 beds is known as___________

a. Large hospital

b. Medium sized hospital

c. Small hospital

d .None of the above

Q10. Meeting in hospital whose purpose is to pass on information received from agencies is_________

a. Informative Meeting

b. Consultative Meeting

c. Executive Meeting

d .None of the above

Part Two:

Q1. What are the factors affecting “Retraining” in a hospital?

Q2. Write a short note on Finance in Hospitals?

Q3. Describe the Negotiating system for Hospitals rates?

Q4. Write down the different members of Appointment committee of the hospital?

Q5. Critically evaluate the factors identified by Ritu for enhancing organizational effectiveness?

Q6. Describe a performance appraisal system that you will recommend to Ritu for evaluating the employees?

Q7. What are the assumptions made by Dr. Systematic for their inventory model?

Q8. Do you recommend any further suggestion for inventory costs in a hospital?

Q9. Write in brief about structure and function of Hospital organization?

Q10. Write down the following terms:

1) Labour Relation System.

2) Organization of Hospital Workers.



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