Pharmaceutical Marketing- If you were in the position of Swami, what would have been your decision? Justify keeping qualitative aspects in mind Explain the important point

If you were in the position of Swami

  Pharmaceutical Marketing

Multiple Choices:

Q1. What is the full form of „IPR‟?

a) Intellectual property rights

b) Intellectual patent rights

c) Intellectual process rights

d) International patent rights

Q2.The environment that poses tremendous opportunities for new products and services to alert  marketer is an _________ environment.

a. Ecological

b. Social

c. Technological

d. Competitive

Q3. Arrange these market opportunities analysis step by step:

i. Evaluate new opportunities in new segments

ii. Build on your strengths

iii. Explore new market opportunities

iv. Analyze your existing markets

a) i, ii,iii,iv

b) ii,iv,i,iii

c) iv,ii,iii,i

d) i,iii,iv,ii

Q4. Marketing virtually the same product with two or more brand names is a strategy of_______

a. Family brand strategy

b. Multiple brand strategy

c. Individual brand

d. Private brand

Q5. The pricing that deals with the judgmental or subjective elements of pricing is a_______

a. Cost-based pricing

b. Petition based pricing

c. Market based pricing

d. Demand based pricing

Q6. Which of the following is not a member of distribution channel?

a. The Physician

b. Manufacturer

c. The consumer

d. The transporter

Q7. Arrange the communication process in order:

i. Medium

ii. Feedback

iii. Sender

iv. Receiver

v. Message

a) ii,iv,v,i,iii

b) iii,v,i,iv,ii

c) iv,i,iii,v,ii

d) iii,ii,iv,i,v

Q8. The strategy used to create a demand for a product within a channel of distribution by appealing directly to the consumer is a________

a) Pull strategy

b) Push strategy

c) Combination strategy

d) Competitive strategy

Q9. Toward off a competitive threat or to create an entry barrier, some companies from different power blocks may temporarily form a cartel it is termed as_______

a) Franchise power

b) Integration power

c) Niche power

d) Coalition power

Q10. Which of the following „R‟ is not a part of good management principle?

a) Resources

b) Recognition

c) Responsibility

d) Reward

Part Two:

Q1. Define the term “Marketing Communication”.

Q2. Differentiate between „Product Item‟ and „Product Mix‟.

Q3. Differentiate between „Cost Based Pricing‟ and „Demand Based Pricing‟.

Q4. Describe “Boston Matrix”.

Caselet 1

Q1. If you were in the position of Swami, what would have been your decision? Justify keeping qualitative aspects in mind.

Q2. Discuss the various other factors, which should be considered while making capital investment decision.

Caselet 2

Q1. Explain the terms in the context of the “Pharmaceutical Marketing” :

a. Brand

b. Trademarks

c. Product line

Q2. Explain the important point that should be considered, while packaging also list the various dimensions of pharmaceutical market.



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