Oracle’s Acquisition of Peoplesoft

Oracle’s Acquisition of Peoplesoft

Gain insights into the global Enterprise Application Software (EAS) industry.

The case gives a detailed account of Oracle Corporation’s successful attempt to acquire PeopleSoft, one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies. It explores the circumstances and the reasons that led Oracle to launch a hostile takeover bid for acquiring controlling equity stake in PeopleSoft. The case also examines the defense strategies used by PeopleSoft to prevent this takeover attempt. Finally, the case describes the benefits from the deal to Oracle, PeopleSoft’s management, its shareholders and its customers. The challenges facing Oracle to make this takeover deal successful are also highlighted.


  1. Examine the reasons that led Oracle, one of the world’s leading software companies, acquire PeopleSoft.

  2. Gain insights into the global Enterprise Application Software (EAS) industry.

  3. Study the defense strategies adopted by PeopleSoft to thwart Oracle’s hostile takeover.

  4. Analyze the synergies of Oracle-PeopleSoft merger deal.

  5. Analyze the role of PeopleSoft’s board in the takeover battle.

  1. Study the benefits to Oracle and PeopleSoft from the takeover deal.

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