Media and Advertising Management-What are the differences between industrial & consumer advertising? Q3. Explain the” Roger’s innovation model” State the role of Advertising

What are the differences between industrial

 Media and Advertising Management


Multiple Choices:
Q1. Which of the following is not the spectrum of advertising?

a. Sales organization

b. Communication with consumer

c. Distribution channel

d. Advertising for media

Q2. AIDA stands for__________

Q3. Which of the following is the indirect role of advertising?

a. Lowering of price

b. Advertising & competition

c. Guide to perspective buyer

d. Both a & b

Q4. Lack of clarity in setting advertising objectives may arise due to thea.

a. Problem in stating objectives in quantifiable terms

b. Inability in identifying the largest audience

c. Inadequate information

d. All of the above

Q5. Which of the following is not the criticism of advertising?

a. Advertising creates insecurity

b. Barriers to entry

c. Product proliferation

d. Inefficient manufacturer stay in business

Q6. A part of amount per unit of the item sold is assigned as the advertising appropriation is known as

a. Percentage of sales

b. Unit of sales

c.Competitive parity

d. Return on investment method

Q7. POP stands for __________

Q8. Which of the following is the strategy of segmentation

a. Strategy of concentration

b. Strategy of differentiation

c. Both a & b

d. None

Q9. Various types of advertising material which can be used in shops and stores to draw the attention of the prospects such as dispensers, hanging signs, danglers and streamer is known as

a. Outdoor promotional media

b. Point of purchase material

c. Direct announcement

d. Advertising specialties and gifts

Q10. What are the common themes, commonly used by a copywriter in creating “Industrial advertisement”.

a. Old and with long experience

b. Research and development

c. Technical breakthrough

d. All of the above

Part Two:

Q1. State the role of Advertising.

Q2. What are the differences between industrial & consumer advertising?

Q3. Explain the” Roger’s  innovation  model” of advertising?

Q4. Describe the situation in which advertising may be acquired.

Q5. DTH remains the primary digital pay-TV platform in India. Comment?

Q6. Give  the  advantages  of  the  Cable’s.

Q7.What type of data will be reported in the Final Study?

Q8. Explain, by Market Researcher select the Boulder Colorado?

Q9. Define  “Advertising”.  Explain  the  Benefits  of  “Advertising”?

Q10. What  is  “Industrial  Advertising”?  Explain  the  objective  of  “Industrial advertising”?



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