What measures have been taken by Vodafone to delight customers

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What measures have been taken by Vodafone to delight customers

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CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

Vodafone is at the heart of the mobile future where telecommunications, infotainment and information technology meet. It is a highly customer driven organization and believes that happy, fun people who enjoy coming to work equate to a great experience for its customers. Vodafone employs around 1400 staff in New Zealand and keeps its management structure as flat as possible to ensure that the decision making ability is closer to the customer. Vodafone’s employees are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their choices and to strive to delight customers. • In order to meet its objectives via its people, Vodafone recognize the importance of outstanding internal communication. The Vodafone team needs to be informed, engaged and enthusiastic so that they can anticipate customer needs and deliver greater quality and value, faster than anyone else. • The Vodafone internal communications team was looking for a way to communicate with their people in a unique innovative, fun, and effective way. Snap Communications were able to offer Vodafone such a solution. Working closely in partnership with Vodafone, Snap Communications customized existing offerings and developed a new tool to meet Vodafone’s internal communications requirements. • With the aid of the Snap internal communication tools, informed, enthusiastic, empowered staff can continue to deliver the mind blowing experience that customers have come to expect from Vodafone. Prior to using the Snap tools, Vodafone were looking for ways to overcome a number of internal communications issues: All staff emails were viewed as a junk medium due to high usage. In most cases they were ignored, in some cases they were automatically trashed. Hence cut through for important messages was difficult to achieve Low staff survey response rates. Staff Surveys were generally posted in the intranet and a link was sent out via email. Due to the issues associated with email volumes and all staff emails, the response rate to staff surveys was low. Managers needed to chase staff in order to ensure that important employee surveys were completed. Free up team meetings. Team meetings were filled with reminders, business

updates, product and service updates etc. Vodafone wanted to ensure that team meetings were efficient, effective and focused on their goals – not spending time covering off ‘housekeeping’ issues. Centrally manage the internal communication process. It was difficult to centrally manage the number and diversity of messages being put out by different areas of the business. Drive intranet usage and help people find the information they require. Vodafone were moving to a global intranet which due to its sheer size would be harder to navigate. They were looking for a tool to help direct people to the information they needed. Gather staff feedback easily. To ensure excellence in every area of the business and involve employees, Vodafone were looking for a means to easily gather staff feedback regarding everything from external contractor performance to preference on future possible brand images. Timed, targeted employee communications. To ensure employees were able to focus more on customers and less on administration, Vodafone were looking for an internal communications tool that would allow them to receive only targeted internal communications that were appropriate and beneficial to the individual and that were timed to fit in with the employee’s work flow. Vodafone were also looking for a cost effective, high impact way to ensure their continued performance in the following areas: • Employee brand alignment • Employee involvement, commitment and enthusiasm • Vodafone’s ‘one team’ culture and ‘I Belong’ community spirit How Vodafone met its internal communications objectives Vodafone worked closely with SnapComms to develop a solution that met all of their communications objectives. The Vodafone / Snap internal communications tool set consists of: Corporate Screensaver Messages images and animation to convey corporate communications messages Desktop Alerts to ensure cut through for important business messages Staff Quiz Tool Staff Survey Channel User generated newsletters staff magazines, automatically published and allowing all staff are able to submit articles All of the Snap internal communications tools are administered by the Vodafone internal communications team via the ‘Content Manager’. This is a web based management interface that permits the creation and targeting of messages.

Answer the following question.


Q1. What measures have been taken by Vodafone to delight customers?


Q2. Why Vodafone has given importance to internal communications? Discuss.

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What measures have been taken by Vodafone to delight customers


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