Marketing Research- What are the major methods of doing primary research?Q2. What is missing data?Q3. What do you understand by Survey?Q4. Define Data mining? What is

What are the major methods

Marketing Research


Multiple Choices:

Q1. Process involving segmentation target market selection and positioning is called

a. Marketing Strategy

b. Marketing plan

c. Marketing Intelligence

d. None of the above

Q2. 4 Ps of Marketing is

a. Product, Pricing, Procurement, Place

b. Place, Pricing, Plan, Product

c. Product, Pricing, Promotion, Place

d. None of the above

Q3. Type of Marketing research scale in which variable can be used to compute the commonly used statistical measures like average etc is

a. Ordinal scale

b. Ratio scale

c. Internal scale

d. Nominal scale

Q4. Technique of Market research, which include the word associations and a respondent is asked to think of a word which comes to mind when he thinks of a brand is

a. Qualitative Technique

b. Retail Audit

c. T. V. Audience measurements

d. None of the above

Q5. The Error which occurs due to the selection of some units and non-selection of other units into the sample is

a. Non-sampling error

b. Sampling error

c. Total error

d. None of the above

Q6. Data Nominal and Ordinal scale data are

a. Metric data

b. Non-metric data

c. Clustered data

d. None of the above

Q7. In the algebraic formula, the symbol for correlation is

a. c

b. r

c. a

d. None of the above

Q8. Graph useful for making extrapolations beyond observed data points is

a. Scatter graph

b. Histograph

c. Pistograph

d. Line graph

Q9. Ho symbolises for

a. Null hypothesis

b. ANOVA series

c. Both (a) & (b)

d. None of the above

Q10. Target population in sampling process is

a. Population which is to be sampled

b. Population which is distributed

c. Population which is isolated

d. None of the above

Part Two:

Q1. What are the major methods of doing primary research?

Q2. What is missing data?

Q3. What do you understand by Survey?

Q4. Define Data mining?

Q5. Was the problem identification and formulation systematically carried out? Discuss and put forward your viewpoints for improvement in this regard.

Q6. Whether the objectives were decided and listed in an appropriate manner? Whether hypothesis were to be formulated? What can be the hypothesis in this case?

Q7. If a sample of 100 of each category were requested, what sampling technique would you recommend be used? Why?

Q8. What types of errors, if any, would likely be present because of the sampling process being used?

Q9. What is Right to Privacy? Why is it relevant to Marketing Research.

Q10. What do you understand by cluster analysis and how they are useful in Market Segmentation?



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