Marketing Management 1-Explain how you will methodically go about compiling the requested information covered in the seven questions for management. Include in your explanation

Explain how you will methodically

Marketing Management 1


Q1. Discuss the micro and macro forces that are affecting the music industry.

Q2. Based on this analysis, what strategic options would you recommend for both music publishers and music retailers in the current marketing environment?

Q3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with online distribution from a music label’s perspective.

Q4. Explain how you will methodically go about compiling the requested information covered in the seven questions for management. Include in your explanation an estimate of the expense involved in obtaining the information.

Q5. Develop a 10-question questionnaire for the purpose of making a survey.

Q6. Describe the consumer behavior differences among laundry products’ customers in Brazil. What market segments exists?

Q7. Should Unilever bring out a new brand or use one of its existing brands to target the north- eastern Brazilian market?

Q8. How should the brand be positioned in the marketplace and within the Unilever family of M brands?

Q9. How does Ryanair’s pricing strategy account for its successful performance to date?  Would you suggest any changes to Ryanair’ pricing approach? Why/why not?

Q10. Is the ‘no-fares’ strategy a useful approach for Ryanair in the short term? In the long term?

Q11. Do the issues facing Ryanair threaten its low-fares model?

Q12. Why did LEGO encounter serious economic difficulties in the late 1990s?

Q13. Conduct a SWOT analysis of LEGO and identify the company’s main sources of advantage.

Q14. Critically evaluate the LEGO turnaround strategy.



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Explain how you will methodically

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Explain how you will methodically

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Explain how you will methodically