Managing Hotel Operations-Reservation contained following information during the procedure are design to improve the effectiveness of the front office Explain the traditional

Reservation contained following information during

Managing Hotel Operations

Multiple Choices:

Q1. Housekeeping is the responsibility of:

a. Hotel manager

b. Reservation manager

c. Rooms manager

d. Executive assistant manager

Q2. Which of the following is not the method of minimizing the overbooking problem:

a. Increasing restrictive policy

b. Third party guaranty

c. Threat of legislation

d. Advance- deposit reservation

Q3. Which of the following is the channel of the traditional reservation:

a. The changing role of travel agent

b. In-house reservation

c. Central reservation center

d. All of these

Q4. The real component of “TQM” is?

a. Bedding

b. Cleanliness

c. Noise ,temperature and darkness

d. All of the above

Q5. Arrange the following into hotel organizational structure:

i. The room manager

ii. The general manager

iii. The hotel manager

iv. Manager of guest services.

a. i, ii, iii, iv

b. ii, iv, i, iii

c. ii, iii ,i, iv

d .iv, ii, iii, i

Q6. Alphabetical list of the day‟s expected arrival, individually and by group is:

a. Cancellation and change report

b. Daily analysis report

c. Arrival report

d. Central reservation report

Q7. Which is not the component of credit management :

a. Extending credit

b. Credit alert and skippers

c. Minimizing charge backs

d. None of these

Q8. Reservation contained following information during the procedure are design to improve the effectiveness of the front office:

a. Arriving and departure dates

b. Number of night

c. Number of person

d. All of the above

Q9. Bank card is the kind of?

a. Debit card

b. Smart card

c. Credit card

d. None of these

Q10. Segmentation comes under:

a. New product pattern

b. New market Pattern

c. New product segmentation

d. New management pattern

Part Two:

Q1. Explain the special characteristics of hotel business?

Q2. Differentiate between the marketing to the individual and marketing to the group?

Q3. List the Information contained in reservation.

Q4. Explain the organizational structure of hotel management?

Q5. What does this mean for the business of our clients?

Q6. Name one output of a hotel.

Q7. Why is the layout of facilities important in a hotel?

Q8. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of hotel technology?

Q9. Discuss how the room rates impact on guest demand?

Q10. Explain the traditional hotel industry?



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