Management of a Sales Force-Certain Leadership & Supervisory problems are commonly encountered when managing sales people. State those problems which are encountered in leadership

Certain Leadership & Supervisory problems

Management of a Sales Force


Multiple Choices:

Q1. ____________ is the stage in which the salesperson must discover, clarify and understand the buyer’s needs.

a. Customer Research

b. Approach

c. Need Assessment

d. Planning

Q2. This outcome equates to how much information was absorbed and usually involves in giving the trainee some type of test.

a. Reactions

b. Leaving

c. Behavior

d. Results

Q3. A salesperson’s ______________ is calculated by dividing the number of orders received by the
number of calls made (O/C).

a. Batting Average

b. Call Rate

c. Size of Orders

d. Direct Selling Expense

Q4. Such costs are incurred in connection with a single unit of sales operations.

a. Direct Costs

b. Indirect Costs

c. Overhead Costs

d. Fixed Costs

Q5. These are the activities that people must perform in orders to carry out the strategy.

a. Objectives

b. Strategies

c. Tactics

d. Goals

Q6. The highest executives in sales management is most often called:

a. Vice President of Sales

b. Branch Manager

c. Team Leader

d. District Sales Manager

Q7. A ____________ is someone with knowledge, experience, rank, or power that provides personal counseling & career guidance for younger employees.

a. Mentor

b. Leader

c. Supervisor

d. Peer

Q8. The most widely used method of expense control in which the company reimburses sales representatives for all legitimate business & travel costs they incur while on company business is known as:

a. Clarity

b. Payment Plans

c. Limited Payment Plans

d. Unlimited Payment Plans

Q9. It is a direct monetary reward paid for performing certain duties over a period of time.

a. Salary

b. Incentives

c. Bonus

d. Pension

Q10. This is a performance goal assigned to a marketing unit for a specific period of time.

a. Salary Plus Bonus

b. Salary plus Commission

c. Salary Plus Commission & Bonus

d. Sales Quota

Part Two:

Q1. Write a short note on ‘Strategic Account Management’.

Q2. Why there is a need of a detailed data in sales?

Q3. Briefly explain the nature & benefits of Territories.

Q4. What is Market Specialization?

Q5. What should Clyde Brion do to remedy the imbalanced sales performance of Louise Shannon and Henry Sadowski?

Q6. What type of training program should Mickie Parsons recommend to Keat Markley? What’s your reasoning for your recommendation?

Q7. ‘Sales Forecasting is a very difficult task’ Comment on the statement and also suggest some guidelines for the manager that can enhance the accuracy of the states forecast.

Q8. Certain Leadership & Supervisory problems are commonly encountered when managing sales people. State those problems which are encountered in leadership.

Q9. What is Training Assessment? What are the Training Program objectives?



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