What is the logic of Taguchi methods

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What is the logic of Taguchi methods


Answer the following question.

Q1. What is the logic of Taguchi methods? (10 marks)

Q2. 14. Ilhan Dalci is president of Ilhandir Manufacturing, a producer of GoKart Tires. Dalci makes 1000 tires per tires per day with the following resources: Labour: 400 hours at 12.50 MU/hr Raw Material: 20 000 kgs/day at 1MU/kg Energy: 5 000 MU/day Capital: 10 000 MU/day

  1. What is the labour productivity for these tires at Ilhandir Manufacturing? b. What is the multifactor productivity for these tires at Ilhandir Manufacturing?

  2. What is the percent change in multifactor productivity if Ilhandir can reduce energy bill by 1000 MU without cutting production or changing any other inputs? (10 marks)

Q3.Haldun LOP, the production manager of LOP Chemicals, in Gazimagusa, TRNC, is preparing his quarterly report which is to include a productivity analysis for his department. One of the inputs is production data prepared bye ltem SERIN, his operation analyst. The report, which she gave him this morning, showed the following: 2005 2006 Production (units) 4 500 6 000 Raw Material Used (barrels of Petroleum byproducts)

700 900 Labour Hours ` 22 000 28 000 Capital Cost applied to the Department (MU) 375 000 620 000 Haldun LOP wondered if his productivity had increased at all. He called Meltem into his office and conveyed the above information to her and asked her to proceed with preparing this part of the report. (Include your interpretations for each productivity figure) (10 marks)

Q4. Mr. Ilhan DALCI makes billiard balls in his Beyarmudu plant. With a recent increase in taxes, his costs have gone up and he has a newfound interest in efficiency. Mr.Dalci is interested in determining the productivity of his organisation. He would like to know if his organisation is maintaining the manufacturing average of 3% increase in productivity. He has the following data representing a month from last year and an equivalent month this year. __________________Last year Now Units produced 1 000 1 000 Labour (hours) 300 275 Resin (kg.s) 50 45 Capital invested (MU) 10 000 11 000 Energy (BTU) 3 000 2 850 Show the productivity change for each category and then determine the IMPROVEMENT for labour hrs, the typical standard for comparison. (10 marks)

Q5. The Cool Tech Co. produces various types of fans. In May, the company produced 1728 window fans at a standard price of 40 MU. The Co. has 12 direct labour employees whose compensation (including wages and fringe benefits) amounts to 21 MU/hour. During May, window fans were produced on 9 working days 9of 8 hours each), and other products were produced on other days. a. Determine the productivity of the window fans. b. In June, the CoolTech Co. produced 1 730 fans in 10 working days. What is the percentage in labour productivity of windows from May? (10marks)

Q6. 5. Serra’s Ceramics spent 3 000 MU on a new kiln last year, in the belief that it would cut energy usage 25 % over the old kiln. This kiln is an oven that turns “greenware” into finished pottery. Serra is concerned that the new kiln requires extra labour hours for its operation. Serra wants to check the energy saving of the new oven, and also to look over other measures of their productivity to see if the change really was beneficial. Serra has the following data to work with: Last Year This Year Production (finished units) 4000 4000 Greenware (pounds) 5000 5000 Labour (hrs) 350 375 Capital (MU) 15000 18000 Energy (kWh) 3000 2600 Were the modifications BENEFICIAL? (10 marks)

Q7. 1. Suzan has a part time “cottage industry” producing seasonal plywood yard ornaments for resale at local craft fairs and bazaars. She currently works a total of 4 hours per day to produce 10 ornaments.

  1. What is her productivity?

  2. She thinks that by redesigning the ornaments and switching from use of a wood glue to a hot glue gun she can increase her production to 20 ornaments per day. What is her new productivity? (10 marks)

  3. What is her percentage increase (or decrease) in productivity?

Q8. What are the advantages and limitations of planning? (10 marks)


What is the logic of Taguchi methods


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