KSBM – Organizational Behavior 5-Which steps of the positively based cognitive-needs concept are shown in this case so far as Lola is concerned? What does this case reveal about

Which steps of the positively

Organizational Behavior 5



Q1. Which of Ellen Crenshaw’s complaints on the surface appear to be valid if they are true? Why? Which ones (if any) are not reasonable? Why?

Q2. What misconceptions does the case reveal in the attitudes many people have toward women at work?

Q3. If Mr. Ferrell uses the correct counseling techniques, what will his attitude and comments be during the conversation with Ellen? If these complaints accurately portray the situation in the bank, what steps should the bank take to correct the problems? Please be specific.

Q4. There’s clearly a communication problem in the Jamaican operation. What factors are contributing to the lack of communication between the Jamaicans and the management team? What should be done?

Q5.  Perhaps differences in values are creating problems. How would you guess that the Jamaicans would rate on the values that Hofstede talks about? What about the British general manager?

Q6.  The British general manager believes that the Jamaican subordinate is “insubordinate.’’ Is this true? Why does the manager believe it? Explain in terms of the attribution process and communication.

Q7.  Consider the organizational chart for Fairfields Nursing Home. What problems, if any, do you see in the planned structure for the nursing home? Do the spans of supervision seem to be about right?

Q8.  How are the supervisors of the three shifts and the nurses, helpers, and therapist who report to them different from other workers at the nursing home according to the planned structure?

Q9.  Does the organization need a mechanistic structure or an organic structure? Why?

Q10. How would the organization structure look if the organization was organized as a network structure? Who would the partners be? What would be their responsibilities?

Q11.  What problems exist at the nursing home that aren’t related to its structure?

Q12.  From the brief facts provided here, what would you expect to be the causes of low levels of accuracy in performance and the high rates of absenteeism, turnover, and job dissatisfaction?

Q13.  What truths about the workplace should we be able to draw from this situation?

Q14.  What are the advantages of the open-space plan? What are the disadvantages?

Q15.  What are the advantages of the more conventional, closed-off kind of office desing? What are the disadvantages?

Q16.  What should the people at superior do about their newly identified problem?

Q17.  Which steps of the positively based cognitive-needs concept are shown in this case so far as Lola is concerned? What does this case reveal about expectancy theory?

Q18.  How would the director of a play or movie motivate Lola? What incentives could be used?

Q19.  What does this case illustrate that is in keeping with equity theory? Lola says she is “starving to death.’’ Has she lost her mind? Explain according to equity theory.

Q20.  Marla is currently working as a cashier in a grocery store. Suppose her boss decides she needs to become more motivated and wants to redesign her job. Briefly discuss Hackman and Oldham’s theory and apply it to Marla’s situation.


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